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    Soooo update time and WTF?

    Howdy, I have slowly lost bits from my Jarvis 16.3 Kodi. First my screensaver went, then the maintenance tool, then the addon installer and config wizard plus I was getting update to Jarvis 17.3 but I also got told that Kodi is no more and that it's Indigo and that needs Android 5 whilst I...
  2. J

    New "no sound" problem

    I've never had this before. The sound settings are fine on my android box. It 'clicks' away pre-Kodi launch when I move about the screen and I've checked the media sound settings are fine (sometimes they end up randomly muted - which is the usual reason I don't have sound). When I launch Kodi...
  3. J

    Unable to reset android MX box

    Hi, My friend's box - unuse since 2013 - automatically loads XBMC and completely skips the android home page where you can play with the box settings and uninstall XBMC (as I am trying to do). I literally only have XBMC to work with - is there any way I can reset the box so that I can DL Kodi...
  4. J

    Random niggles

    Hi all, Here's a list of niggles that I hope can be solved in one thread as opposed to multiple individual ones. 1) When I click on any content in Ex**us and other add-ons, it takes about 10 seconds for the (scraper, I think it's called) to reach 90% and then another 20 seconds to hit 100%...
  5. J

    Ummm.....confused over new builds/skins

    So I've been using Confluence since day one (the builds from TVAddons - currently Jarvis) and it seems rather basic compared to what I've seen onlie and what guy friends say they have - especially live TV options (including channels such as BBC, ITV, Sky Sports 1, 2, 3 etc - plus I feel like a...
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    Still can't play HD

    Hello all, I understand that your ability to play HD streams depends on a number of factors but I was sure it was due to my broadband being just 10mb but I've upgraded (twice) and still can't play them without buffering (also happens on some SD streams). I am running an MX Android box. It's...
  7. J

    Kodi opens on 'music' not 'movies'

    Hi, as the title suggests, when I reinstalled Kodi for Android )on my MX box) a while ago, it suddenly defaulted to 'music' and not 'movies' like it's meant to. Last month I reinstalled Kodi again but it still does the same thing. Any ideas?
  8. J

    No sound anymore - can't access audio output in settings

    Howdy, So I have an android box and running Jarvis (which self-installed itself over Isengard but that's another matter). All has been fine and last night I paused a film as I was tired. I've hit play today and the sound had gone. I assumed it was nothing major so I restarted Kodi and the...
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    Annoying: main screen defaults to 'music' not 'video'

    Hi, Not sure why this has happened but since updating from TVMC to Isengard, my home screen defaults to 'music' and not 'video' like it used to in the past. Is there any way to rectify this? Also, my Isengard build has changed to Jarvis and I have no idea why lol! Thanks
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    Can I get VPN - android help please?

    I've purchased a VPN from IPVanish as am sick of geo-blocked content. I have installed it on my laptop ok but am having trouble doing the same for my android box. I thought I could just copy over the setup.exe and run it but android doesn't know what to do with it and asks if I want to open it...
  11. J

    All Add-ons down -- reset andoird box?

    Howdy, For about 2 years I've been trouble-free on my TVMC build Kodi (maybe because I always used Genesis). I've since gotten Isengard and reinstalled everything and whilst Ic*f*lms never worked (despite using the Pri** link to bypass blocking in the UK) others did - with Vodlocker and...
  12. J

    New Internet Provider - New Problems

    Reposted in Lambda's forum.
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    Kodi down / won't config

    Hi all, My Kodi turned on and I went to Geesis as per usual but it wouldn't open any sections except "my Genesis" so no search by year in theatres latest movies etc plus all the titles in My Genesis said "no stream available" even though I know there are loads of streams. Maintenance tool...
  14. J

    Not sure where to post this but....

    My TVMC on adroid box has stopped working. It opens up ok and I can access the various add-ons biy when I click on a stream I get the "opeing" pop up but theh nothing happens. I still have XBOC so I checked that out and, strangely enough, it played everything just fine. I cleared my cache and...
  15. J

    Synching Sound

    I've just installed TVMC (upgraded from Frodo) and having solved the issue of sound but no picture I need help with permanently synching sound. Regardless of show/film or stream, my audio is out of synch approximately 0.2 seconds and I have to manually adjust it every time I watch anything so is...
  16. J

    Problems after reinstalling

    Under my previous XBMC build I had a ton of add-ons such as Flixanity, Docu Hub, Glow TV, Los Movies, Entertainment Hub, Solar Movies, I Wanna Watch etc and I got these by going into 'get add-ons' and selecting from the repos listed such as lambada and silencer. I had to reset my box and...
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    Help understanding a few things

    So far I am loving XBMC/Kodi but I need help on a couple of things please. 1) All content for films & TV show two sources such as: Ic*f*lms - 180upload Ic*f*lms - grisoft 25Movies - VK I understand the first source is the add-on but what is the second? 2) Why do I often see numerous entries...
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    Hello and help please :)

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and new to XBMC after receiving an MX box for Christmas which came with two remotes. I need help identifying remote control functions as I currently need both to operate XBMC and would like to just use one. This is now vital as the standard remote is...