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    Restore AFTV1 to Orig

    My AFTV1 has been rooted for some time now with router set to block updates. Made the mistake of taking it to someones house and it received the new firmware. I had it setup using AppFreezer to freeze most Amazon related apps including the main software so it would just boot right up to...
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    Mele F10 pro & Gotham

    Looking for help to get the back button to work in Gotham with my mele f10 pro. Was able to easily program button in frodo, but in Gotham it doesn't recognize this button. Anyone with first hand experience that could help me out?
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    Sio2 second row on main menu

    Hello, could someone point me in the right direction to get the second row of icons on the main menu to show in full, and not be cut off halfway? Thanks.
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    SPMC now Available - DONT INSTALL YET

    Did anyone else happen to see that SPMC is now available in the google play store and the amazon app store?
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    Google play apps on Home Screen?

    Is it true that some google play apps will show up on the AFTV home screen and some dont? Since I got no response, the reason I asked is because SPMC is now available in the google play store, and the amazon app store. Any thoughts?
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    Mele F10 with Fire TV & Gotham

    I'm looking for some help to get my Mele F10 Pro working with Gotham. The only button I cant get to work is the button with the house on it, that I would like to use as the back button. Any ideas?
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    Simple D-Pad Remote

    Looking for ideas for a basic D-pad remote to use with XBMC on Ouya. Currently using the F10 Mele Pro, which is amazing but dont want to wait 30 days for another one from China, and dont necessarily need the keypad on the back. Has anyone found a remote that would resemble something like the...
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    Mele F10 Pro + XBMC Gotham Beta specific question

    On my Mele F10 Pro I'm trying to get the "shelf" button (the one to the right of the home button), to act as the context menu button, or the U button on the Ouya controller. I can get it to work fine in SPMC by modifying the generic.kl file but doesnt work in Gotham. I also tried the Keymap...
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    My Solution to XBMC SMB stuttering

    I've been struggling with streaming via SMB on my LAN since I got my Ouya. Based on multiple speed tests I knew my wired connection was fast enough, but still had tons of problems with stuttering video, drop frames, and video kickouts, and watching a video over SMB was impossible for me. My...
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    Help with Log File

    Does anyone care to have a peak at my recent log file to see if anything jump out at them as to why XBMC Gotham kicks me out of a video when 5-15 min in via SMB stream over ethernet connection. The only thing I could make of the logfile is to search for "Errors" then google them to see what...
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    OLD media player out performs my Ouya..Why?

    I'm baffled that video playback on my 5 year old WDTV media player is 100 times better than xbmc on ouya over SMB via ethernet connection. In 5 years I have not seen one instance of buffering, stuttering, no crashes, with any file I through at it, with my WDTV player. I have tried every version...
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    Video Kickout via SMB

    Currently using Frodo 12.3 over an ethernet connection via SMB, with decent speeds as tested, however when trying to watch a 50 min show last night I had 3 kickouts where the video would just stop and take me back to the main xbmc screen. It never once showed signs of buffering or even stutter...
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    Ethernet Speed Test

    When running the SpeedTest app from my Ouya on an ethernet connection I'm getting varied results. Sometimes I'll get 60 MB/S then the next time I'll only get 10 MB/S down. Can somebody test theirs out to see if they get the same results everytime? My first thought would be a bad cable, however...
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    USB attached storage and SMB

    I'm looking to have my USB hard drive plugged into my Ouya and have it visible at ALL times for my network to see. It seems to work great when I have XBMC running on my Ouya, but soon as I log out the USB drive disappears from the network. I had a WDTV device where it would always show my hard...