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    Please some help from a more expert 😀

    download the mid-page via urllib2 or any other method. there my be same decoding process needed here, some hide their links in some forms, but they are always decodable. Once you get the plain html text string use regex(faster) or beautifulsoup (slower), to search for the new video url.
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    Real Debrid is no better than Box seller guys

    even though i may sound like ranting, i am not. Lets put aside vpn discussion, i exactly know what VPN is, i worked as a developer in a router company for several years, i am critising commercial VPN "sales (thats another discussion if those services are commercial or not but lets not keep...
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    Real Debrid is no better than Box seller guys

    i have this thought for a while. why do we hate youtube guys selling loaded kodi boxes: cos they market a a product with a false advertising promising with the abilities that nothing can achieve and they are trying to profit from it and also which is a very small profit. And the buyers gets...
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    Display chinese language

    if you are using windows installing unicode additional languages would help
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    Need help for captcha

    here is tk's code you are trying to scrape the page with javascript enabled. i am teling you if you mess with google obfuscration you will lose :). Install "quick javascript switcher" to your chrome. and...
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    Need help for captcha

    Check my github, tk forked shanis work and i have done some mode on tks (real problem was data needs to be passed url encoded as per header content type requires) otherwise it works Or may be are talking about sth else?
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    suggestions build develop environment for kodi

    you can use kodistubs for autocomplete and stuff. just add it to your project library path in pydev
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    CThread::StopThread driving me nutz

    oh btw, ofc forgot to tell, when kodi kills my addon it actually kills its own thread, sothe threads i spawned becomes orphan, this causes most likely null pointers i believe and kodi freezes. so this sucks in lots of ways.
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    CThread::StopThread driving me nutz

    ok here is another gizmo that is driving me nuts about internals of kodi. When an addon works on doing something basically when "working circle" appears, if you press "back" kodi is trying to stop the addon. By addon i mean the thread of the main kodi app. When it cant stop the thread it...
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    Code blocks are misaligned

    pumpity pumpy
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    addon for more accurate source sort orders

    yup. it is even much way easier if you play a local file, to analyze http mp4/flv/jpg/png/gif files on the fly check: github dot com/boogiekodi/plugin.program.ump/tree/master/lib/quality or UMP.
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    addon for more accurate source sort orders

    @rob that is a misconception.
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    Anti aliasing on control images

    Ok gotta dig in xbmc code i guess, thx for the answer
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    Anti aliasing on control images

    Hi i am using windowxml to show a custom ui that displays a full screen image, (manga section on ump) . when i scale an image control kodi does not use antialiasing and image shows so crispy, is there any way to fix that? Looked everywhere but couldnt find a thing
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    Script to monitor playback of streams for evidence of buffering

    Another example is on sip rfc3261 implementation, it has similar codec change functionality.
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    Script to monitor playback of streams for evidence of buffering

    There are various implementations of what you are describing on some other platforms the most famous one is the apple hls streaming. You may also have witnessed on television broadcasting as well, wheneber theres a live 3g connection sometimes broadvast quality drops to low quality and then...
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    UMP add on is running perfect!

    i just saw this thread, i generally follow the thread under releasrs section, vpn will cause no problems, also ump works fine with TOR however some sites that ump scrapes blocks tor network (ie: Pri**wire) , i have a solution about that in my mind but i have not implemented yet.
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    partial range get confuses backend players both DVDplayer, PapPlayer and also Mplayer

    hi all i am working on a link provider of musicmp3 [dot] ru. They are hosting their own audios and their web server does not response nicely to range http request. what kodi does (i think thats curl's behaviour not so sure) is to play it properly first time if you ever play it and cache it...
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    GNUtella Repository Kodi Backend

    Hi Folks I have a supersonic, do-able but a very hard to implement idea. How about implementing p2p network in repository distribution of Kodi. ie: need to create a service addon serving a proxy http server. All the addons will refer to on their addons.xml. When this service...
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    [release] webspor

    Webspor provides live rtmp streams for webspor dot pw which hosts Turkish Super League Matches. Site keeps frequently changing so addon is designed to survive in harsh conditions. You can add it from my repo. Dowload Boogie's repo below Boogie's Kodi Repo