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    Little help please

    Just need a little help, Not sure if anyone can point me the right direction but I have searched everywhere for a solution to my little problem. Kodi 15.1 and gotham 13.2 side by side and the sub menu under Videos/library takes me to this page. (Below image) Now the items that am not used to...
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    Hello all budding artists.

    Please be gentle this is my first ever thread here. :D Over at Kodi Community Forum a thread is taking place to offer people the chance to make some artwork for an KODI start screen? This thread is here to encourage budding artists to take a...
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    XML help?

    Hello peeps wonder if some one could help me a little. Sorry in advance if I shouldn,t of asked this here. Tried to look at PMs but its been disabled for the time being I presume. So couldn,t send message to someone. Am looking for a addon/plugin that allows me to use My xml channels like in...