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    Bug Have to press play to start playback and resume playback not working Kodi 18

    I just upgraded from Kodi 17 to 18 and noticed two immediate issues: 1) In v18 I have to press the play button in the lower left side of the screen to start playback when in v17 and prior versions, playback would start automatically once you selected the source. Any idea how to fix this? 2)...
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    Question Add source to kodi

    Hello everybody, I was wondering how does someone add a source (website) to kodi addons? Spanish language shows (i.e. shows made in Spain, Argentina, Mexico, etc.) don't work in any of the addons even though they appear in the searches and can be added to trakt, so I wanted to know how to add a...
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    Request Record IPTV with EPG just like your cable/satellite service

    I do not know if I am in the correct forum for this, but I was wondering if anybody was working on an addon or plugin that would make the Live IPTV part of Kodi work just like your regular cable/satellite service? I know we can configure live IPTV using the PVR Simple Client, but hardly enough...