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    Favorite VPN provider?

    some advice for Brazil?
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    Real Debrid stream links inconsistent

    you got to reauthorise from time to time, but when it works, works smoothly.
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    Controller - Retro Gaming

    i've tried this before, but couldn't install. not working.
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    Hi all. this Haddon worth give a try.
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    Indigo not a video addon

    How not to be classified as addon? If it is an addon. Just remove the icon. Nothing important. Keep the program.
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    Russian LIVE TV

    Very good addon can be found in WebTools - v3.0.0
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    RD buffering issues

    Even trying another DNS is not possible to access.
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    How to make your own addon and repo?

    Very difficult. Better use some out there.
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    VPN...Are they Really needed?

    If you whant they discover your xxx activity, try not contract a VPN.
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    a95x 2gb x 16gb UPGRADE is not easy! and might crash!

    Not even close to success to install Kodi in Nexbox a95x. Always crash and not let me install addons.
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    College football replays

    I could not find it too...
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    Amazon Fire TV Box Fusion TV Addons wont install

    thanks for the help. could you let us know when they're back and on?
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    kodi crashing alot in 2 ways

    I'm on mac, the same here. Even if 8gb ram and a intel 2.5 core 2 duo.
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    I can't load any other .apks onto my Fire Stick

    Sideload is the answer.
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    Maybe a temporary server shutdown. They're not as trustful as could be.
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    Release USTVnow Plus Official Release Thread

    The channels keep disappearing... will last nothing?
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    Private Messages ".... You Have Been Quoted!"

    Great. Thank you. It was problematic.
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    Help Keep The Forum A Happy & Friendly Place.

    I'm very happy and appreciate all the help this forum offer.
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    kkkkkkkkk, that's a good one. lol 'til the end.
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    Bug URLResolver and Real-Debrid authorisation

    Don't even get to create a log... The issues continue, even with Real-Debrid section of URLResolver, theres no option to insert user.