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    How To Safely Remove External Hard drive

    Hi there was just wondering after you have connected the EXT HD where do you then go to safely remove it from the ouya? many thanks in advance people
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    Download Help And Some Thankyou's

    Hi there ive just managed to get on to my ouya again after being snowed under and was just wondering how/what app you need to be able to download movies or shows to my ouya? just so i can save a little time instead of going in and keep finding them, also with the sound issues the voices seem to...
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    ouya running linux help newbie

    Ive just bought a 2nd hand ouya from GAME in the uk all of it has been factory reset but when i check the operating system it says its running linux 3.1.10 - g0f9bd82 # 1 smp preempt mon oct7 16:14:30 so does this mean that someone else has messed aroundwith it?? Like i said im not to good at...
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    Newbie ouya or mx2??

    Hey there people been doing lots of reading tonight and was just wondering what people recommend out of these 2 ? what are the pros and cons for the 2? does 1 do more than the other? im using a bt hub 4 so is there any known issues for wifi or is it best to wire it up? id just like to thank...
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    Hi Complete Newbie Help

    Hi there everyone my name is Preston glad to meet you all... go easy on me as im new to all this and have been reading some threads but its alot to take in. I have quite a few questions hopefully in time most can be answered. Im looking into getting an android type of system what is...