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    Request Pvr simple client

    I would be grateful if someone could tell me how I can add 2 different iptv services to kodi Krypton on both pc and android box. Thanks....Geoff
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    Request kODI 17.1 SHORTCUTS

    I would be grateful if someone could explain how I add shortcuts to the confluence skin in Kodi 17.1. I had no problem doing this with the previous version of Kodi (Jarvis) Thanks in advance...Geoff
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    Request URL Resolver

    I have just done a new install of Isengard 15.2 on Windows PC running Windows 7. My problem is that I can not see URL resolver. I have checked my addons and there is no mention of libraries. Hope someone can help.....Geoff
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    Error message on latest Kodi

    I have an HTPC running on Widows 7. The PC has a Nvidia GT610 graphics card with the latest driver. Kodi 14.2 runs fine with no issues. When either I try to update it, or do a clean install of Kodi 15 I am getting the error message "unable to create application " I can not access Kodi. Any...
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    Request Broadcastify

    I am getting no feeds available in your area no matter which country I try. Any one help ? Geoff
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    Galaxy Note 2 with xbmc

    I have installed mx player and xbmc on my Samsung Galaxy. The problem I have is how do I change the resolution in order to read the screen. I have gone in to settings then system but I am unable to change anything. Anyone who can help ? Geoff
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    network connection

    I wonder if anyone can please help me ! I am a complete beginner with xbmc. I have installed the program on my Dell laptop running windows 7. The problem I am getting is that I get the following message after trying to get addons with fusion ' could not retrive directory information this...