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    VPN (Private Internet Access) addon

    maybe a long shot. But even those of us who can get this working need to go through tunnel.ko, then openvpn etc. and in a lot of cases - its not even possible to get this working (people using linux not android etc). so as there is a vpnicity add on, any chance of a pia one ?
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    How can I VIEW log files in Kodi ?

    Hi, Im running Kodi on a couple of boxes and know about the feature to upload log files. Not saying Im an expert or anything - but it would be great if there was a way to VIEW log files without going through the whole process of uploading them - even though I appreciate the process isn't too...
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    Kodi on Android Matricom. Picture goes off screen even after reinstall.

    hi Am running Kodi on a Matricom box. hdmi connection. all was working fine until i added a script to autoload subtitles (from fusion). it didnt work, but what did happen is that in Pho*nix, Genesis or anything else, i can only see the top left hand quarter of any video (i could see all of it...
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    moving data / cache to usb drive

    to be deleted
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    running a command (from XBMC on linux)

    Hi - I have an m3 box which has XBMC linux on it. Is there a way of selecting - via one of the menus a way to run some sort of batch file/small script ?? I know the xbmc maintenance handles stuff like log file deletion etc, I just wanted to know if there was a way we could run our own commands...