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    Could latest FTV 5.0.4 software update have broken subtitles search on Kodi?

    Is this possible? Last sunday while using a Genesis and SA*TS video add-on, I tried to download a subtitle as usual but I got an error with every single subtitle add-on. This also happens with every other add-on and even my local media. The only thing that occurs to me, given that it was working...
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    Horrible buffering even at LQ stream

    There's something odd with this add-on. I've used other live streams paid services add-ons and all of them work flawlessly but this one. It just can't be possible that even choosing a low quality stream in settings you get horrible buffering. No, it's not my download speed, I've tested it many...
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    Happy times are back! XBMC is working again in ATV 5.2!

    Just as this moment, Memphiz, a XBMC developer just posted in XBMC official forums that XBMC is now working in ATV2 5.2. Happy times are back!
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    Slower download speeds with Frodo?

    Well, this is a weird issue. I've clean installed XBMC 12.0 Frodo on 4 Apple TV 2 that were previously on Eden. Loving Frodo so far, the new features are great and everything, but I've noticed one strange issue: Everything that I try to download within XBMC (repos, addons, metadata, skins) takes...