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    Other add-on not supported here

    THIS. When I first got into XBMC I was so wide eyed about all the stuff that I just installed anything that was remotely interesting to me (and barely used any of it). After lots of trial and error I too came to this conclusion. Quality, not quantity. Ex**us for on demand, USTV for live tv...
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    Is SPMC Better Or A LOT Better?

    Just go the Shield recently. I know what you're going to say, "Set it up and try it out for yourself!", and to be honest, I probably will at some point, but I'm also interested in what you all see as the biggest benefit. I really like Kodi V17 and the Estuary skin and I understand that that...
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    Release USTVnow Plus Official Release Thread

    Oh yeah, and thanks for all the work and upkeep. Kodi was a deal-breaker for the wife until I shelled out for the USTV paid account.
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    Release USTVnow Plus Official Release Thread

    Most of the lost channels I wont miss and there are a couple gems among the new ones. I'm having problems with my guide too. How does one do a DB reset? I'm assuming it's something stupid obvious that I'm missing. I'm still finding my way around the Estuary skin after so many years on Confluence.
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    Release USTVnow Guide

    Man, I've wanted this for so long. Thanks so much mhancoc7, this is so dope.
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    Kodi Continually Resetting to "Factory"

    I'm on Windows.
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    Kodi Continually Resetting to "Factory"

    Hey Gang, I had this problem on an older version, it was gone with a preceding version and now it seems to be back again. I am running 16.0 currently. Almost every time I shut down Kodi it dumps my settings, ie, i have a different background image, have hidden "music" "photos" etc from the...
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    Release USTVnow Plus Official Release Thread

    I'm going to give them one more pay cycle to sort their shit out and then I'm bailing. With so many people paying $20 and $30 a month, they should be able to provide a better service than this. It has been almost unwatchable in prime time for the last week or more.
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    Mygica Android TV Products

    I would love a good step-by-step on how to pimp my ATV1200 out. I've basically been using it with out of the box settings and using xbmc through the SPMC fork.
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    Mygica ATV1200 Rom?

    Hey all, I just purchased one of these today and am looking for the best way to set it up for smooth sailing XBMC. Anyone have any recommendations for souping this box up? I've been running rpi for the last year and am looking forward to working with more power and options, so any help would be...
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    Anyone have an Ouya as well?

    I'm asking here and not in the Ouya forum as I want opinions from fellow RPiers. We're moving to a much bigger place and I want to set up a second tv/xbmc rig in the upstairs. I'm trying to decide whether to get another Pi, or an Ouya. The Ouya is attractive because baby mama likes all those...
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    Free time = play time

    Hahaha, I like the sound of that. Maybe I'll try it out this weekend and see how it goes.
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    Free time = play time

    I know Whufclee uses and recommends Amber as a high performance skin for the pi. I'd love to mess around and change up, but it took long enough to get the wife up to speed on confluence, so I can't really afford to shake things up now, unless I want to spend all day fielding "how do I?" texts...
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    Watchwrestling addon?

    I did the fresh install yesterday and now can't even find the The One repo to re-add.
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    Watchwrestling addon?

    That appears to be incorrect.
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    Watchwrestling addon?

    Looks like The One repo is dead which means I can't find this awesome channel. Big, big loss for the wrestling fans here if its gone for real. Anyone know anything?
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    Horizontal Blue Lines/Video Distortion in Openelec??

    Cool, I'll give the HDMI switch a try. It should be good, it's a pretty new Monster cable, but who knows. I only has Raspbmc for a day and a half but didn't have any distortion there, but I'll do some troubleshooting. Thanks!
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    Horizontal Blue Lines/Video Distortion in Openelec??

    I tried searching this but found no results. Anyone else have this problem? It doesn't happen often, but at times I am getting bursts of thin blue line across the screen. When it happens it lasts for about 5 seconds.
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    OpenElec 3.2 released

    Updated this morning. Na*i-X is whip fast. Haven't tried any video add-ons yet.
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    Raspbmc, Xbian or OpenElec?

    Well, I've been messing with Raspbmc for a couple days. Gonna load Openelec onto it this morning and see what I like better.