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    Android mx2 - audio out of sync - kodi 15

    Solution of G-Box Video of Kodi 15-1 Go to this thread and see if this helps you out:
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    Video Problems With Kodi 15 and 15-1

    There's a saying that goes like this: "Don't Fix It if it Ain't Broke." My G-Box works fine, it plays the music, tv and movies that I like via TVMC 14-2 and I see no reason to change or upgrade my hardware so I can run software that has no visible advantages to me. So long as the G-Box works...
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    G-box Q and kodi

    I use the Matricom G-Box and I'd recommend you use your browser and download and run TVMC Version 14-2. Get it here:
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    Video Problems With Kodi 15 and 15-1

    On your G-Box, using the browser, go to this link and you can download the TVMC Kodi 14-2 Apk: This should get you the best solution. It is what I did. Good luck.
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    Video Problems With Kodi 15 and 15-1

    I have both Kodi Version 15-1 and TVMC Kodi Version 14-2. I have no problems while running 14-2, but am experiencing video and audio problems when running movies or tv using Kodi 15-1. Initially I installed version 15 and I had pixelization of the video and the audio preceding the video. I...
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    Pixelization of Video on Kodi 15, Isengard

    I'm sorry I didn't provide much information, but I'll try to make up for it now. I was running Kodi 15 Isengard on the Matricom G-Box. I also have TVMC 14-2 on the same box. When running the 14-2 version of Kodi by TVMC, I have NO problems with pixelization. I have confirmed this many times...
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    Pixelization of Video on Kodi 15, Isengard

    Been there, done that. No change.
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    KODI and Windows 10

    Yes it works with Windows 10, but if your video's lockup and everything freezes, reboot, go to System, Video, Acceleration and TURN OFF hardware acceleration settings. Try that. It definitely froze up with TVMC 14-2 on Win 10. Good luck.
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    Pixelization of Video on Kodi 15, Isengard

    Recently I added Kodi version 15 to my Matricom G-Box. I now have the Kodi TVMC 14.2 and the New Kodie 15 on it. The problem is that when I run tv shows on Kodi 15, I get a tremendous pixelization of the video. When that happens the audio gets way out of sync. Any ideas?
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    Kodi Playback Issues

    If you are using Kodi 15 and on a Windows computer, you may try this: Go to System, Video and under Acceleration, disable the hardware setting. This was the fix for me when the picture would freeze but the audio played on. Good luck.
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    "Search Error No Results "

    Thank you so very much for that Fix. That message at the bottom of my Kodi 14.2 and Gotham 13.2 on my G-Box was driving me nuts. You are a life saver. This fix is just a bit different for XBMC 13.2. You just look for the XBMC addon and do the same thing in Services.