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    stream kodi

    Hi all I currently have kodi 17.6 installed on my windows computer.I am using windows media server to stream to my samsung smart tv.What I wanted to know was there a way I can only stream a certain add on like ******** to the tv.when I open kodi on tv I have just 2 folders 1 for tv and one for...
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    cannot install any addons

    Hi all for some reason I can't install any addons threw fusion or the programs addon installer all get errors.Now when I opened up kodi today on puter I clicked on Pro S**rts to watch hockey,it updated some addons and Pro S**rt just vanished.Tried to reinstall it threw fusion and it says cannot...
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    Bug Gbox mx2

    having problems with the booting of the gbox mx2,I updated it to latest firmware 1.2.2 it still keeps getting stuck on the matricom screen is there something else i need to do in order for it to boot up properly thxs
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    install xbmc on apple tv 1

    Hey all.... a friend of mine gave me his apple tv 1,got it jailbroken trying to figure out how to get xbmc installed on you need a mac computer to do it or can you use windows,I currently have windows and it did not work for some reason.if you can use windows is there a step by step guide...
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    script errors

    when i try to restore my apple tv on itunes i get error code 21
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    script errors

    I am getting script errors on one channel,project free,Ic*f*lms,mashup here is the log file
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    date and time are correct.I installed vidics lastnight and it works great,but I still get script errors on all the other ones
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    here is my log file
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    I am havin problems.. All my plugins will not do nuttin all come back with script errors 1Ch**nel project free,mashup.Is it just me or is anyone else havin these problems
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    I recently upgraded my apple tv 2 to frodo for some reason Ic*f*lms 1 channel and few others will not work.Have the xbmc hub wizard installed also.Tried to downgrade to eden using putty,when i try to ssh the first line i get this... ssh could not resolve hostname.Do i need to rejailbreak the...
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    got xbmc installed

    finally got nito tv installed on my apple tv but when i go to install xbmc it says instalation failed.look at the log and it says the following packages have unmet depedencies...
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    xbmc is not there

    I have updated my apple tv to 5.0.1 used seasonpass to jailbreak it (it has the red fc logo) use putty to ssh into the apple tv everything goes fine until i reboot the apple tv.there is a empty xbmc box on the screen click on it but nothing loads it just reboots can someone give me the correct...
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    Installing XBMC on iOS 5.0.1

    what do you do with this wget u have to open it and ssh it into the apple tv or do u copy and paste the line and ssh it into the apple tv