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    METALKETTLE (Thank You)

    Thank you for all the great addons you provided us,and it was a pleasure being apart of TVaddons with you! Enjoy your retirement,and once again thank you for over a decade of service and great addons. You will be missed,but not forgotten my friend.
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    [RELEASE] Music Box

    @techdealer, the new version of music box is having some login to Vk issues.Invalid Login when i sign in. using older version 1.3 and it works great. But on both when you try to play music or download, Russian guys comes on and says something inRrussian and it won't play?It sounds like public...
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    Json-Rpc and Commomcache Error using TVaddons

    So i was told bye a long time Team Kodi Member,that the problem i'm having are because most of the addons we use are on a Banned or Blacklisted Kodi wiki and they won't work correctly for that reason and thats cause of errors.. So maybe you guys here can tag a look at my logs and help me...
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    Blueeyiz702(Heart Wanted)

    Hope you guys don't mind,i've been member for couple years now and thought maybe some of you might help me out. thank you.
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    Dude food

    I didn't know one of our Devi's had his own Ben & Jerrys Flavor Ice Cream! Thanks for sharing,now we really know what your doing when your not on the site or available,lmao
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    Release Music problems

    Try here instead,
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    The Kat Is Back(Resurrection Edition)

    Its good to see a great community resurrected from the dead,yaaaaaas
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    Animated Movie Posters

    I saw that and there is also a addon in forums designed for these. I just te guys that had made them, if i could out them all in one place to find. which is what i'm doing now.
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    Animated Movie Posters

    These are awesome looking with kodi or emby media.
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    where to find Hillary's America?

    I think the only place you can find it,is at the Clinton Foundation. Donation Required. Its available threw Al*uc
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    Problem with URL Resolver for Real Debrid and All Debrid

    Jokster,can you tell me where i can get jdownloader 2 thats not loaded with all the adware crap. The one on there site has adware built in and its a killer,took me 2 days to get rid of adware. thanks
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    Diamond and A Disc

    Go ahead,help yourself. and if you have any movies you need some made for let me know. I'll make them for you.
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    Diamond and A Disc

    This is links to Diamond and A Disc for Movies. A-L and M-Z 463 different ones available. New Links below. This link is for TV Show Diamond and A Disc, This link...
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    Diamond and A Disc

    No, i made those all by myself. it took me about 3 months to make them all. And i make more as different movies or tv shows come out.
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    Diamond and A Disc

    Thanks again RavRob,ill post links to all of them. i have them listed A-L and M-Z.
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    Diamond and A Disc

    [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
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    Diamond and A Disc

    Thanks,they do i'm posting some screenshots so everybody can see how they look.
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    Diamond and A Disc

    Guys take a look at these,what do you think? I've got about 500 different movies done like this,and they look very nice showing in kodi.Also have music albums,and TV Shows 700 total with all of them.
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    Help Keep The Forum A Happy & Friendly Place.

    With our world in so much turmoil,its good to have a happy place like this to enjoy.Have enjoyed since i became member and will continue to do so till the end.
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    [RELEASE] Music Box

    techdealer,im having the login problem again with music box. keeps saying invalid crediatials,but can login fine on,any help with this? wrong phone/email or password",keep getting this?