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    Have you cancelled your cable TV subscription yet?

    Cable, what the heck is that? Kodi is the new four leter word,but a good one.
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    Pirate Bay Domains No Longer Accessible Through ‘WWW’

    Eleazar,i have a couple of TPB links that are working perfect,with no sataus page and all links working. am i allowed to post them for other members to use without having problems reaching the site?
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    Server Busy

    Hey guys im getting a webserver error for the tv addons site.its telling me web server not completing packets i believe it said,and site owner need to contact web hoster. just a heads up to boss.
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    [RELEASE] Music Box

    im having same problem,can login to just fine. but when i try on music box getting same exact error as you?
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    New movie information site ( movie and film database

    Just a Head's-up about new movie and film database site launched on 4-17-2015.It's from the same people that run allmusic site,hence the name allmovie. Take a look pretty nice,thanks.
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    [RELEASE] Music Box

    Ive used this since it first came out,and have never had one problem! to me for music,this has got to be in top 5 music addons,thats my filling personally.
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    Deezer Music

    guys is it possible to create addon for live music stream that's offered thru Cricket Wireless? You can check site oute here,
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    Filmon Question

    nevermind I found f.t.v! great!
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    Filmon Question

    is the film on addon still working or has it been ditched!
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    [RELEASE] Music Box

    have vk account,login works but when I start a download script error keeps killing download! maybe uninstall and reinstall!
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    What music addons do you use?

    Musicbox,I think its one of the best!
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    [RELEASE] Music Box

    Wow,ive used a lot of music addons! But this one just kills em,all hail techdealer! excellent got to tell all my friends about this they have not a clue!
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    Las Vegas

    hey im danny,just checkin in to say hello to everyone,and I love the custom tvaddons! you will hear more from me in future,and thank you for having me!