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    a problem addon installer 1.2.6 zip

    Hi Everyone, I've just tried to install a Video addons using "addon installer" but all the green boxes are empty? its Version1.2.6 zip that I'm using. Could anyone help with some advice. cheers John
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    Which device do you use to run Kodi?

    I'm Running a Minix Neo X8-H Plus with a Neo A2 Lite Air Mouse connected via HDMI to a Samsung 55" Tv and a Optical cable to a Sony DA1200ES of the audio.
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    Trakt Tv

    SORRY!!!! I 'm a clot, thanks for the help FXB78.
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    Trakt Tv

    Kodi is set on Confluence skin. In Ex**us, click on accounts then on trakt. it tells me to go to and enter code. but when i visited this site to enter code i can not find where to input it. it goes straight to the homepage.
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    Trakt Tv

    that not helpful. i've got the code from Ex**us!!! but i cant find where it goes in my trakt tv account? but thanks for the fast replied.
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    Trakt Tv

    Hi all, i have a trakt tv account (the Free one) which was set up when i installed the "Royal we" addon, how do i get "excodus" to work as i cant find anywhere to type in the "auth code" inside the trakt tv webpage to activate it? or do i need to have one trakt tv account per addon? any comments...
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    auto updates or not

    Hi all, just upgraded to Jarvis and reinstalled some addons. my question is, it's not doing auto updates is there a setting i have missed out? Cheers John
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    Hi all.

    Thanks RavRob, So i add the Addons SA*TS, Velo**ty, The Ro**l We, then do a search inside each addon to find a programme, is there away to seaching all the addons together to find a programme? Cheers John Ps how do you add a custom avatar on forum?
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    Hi all.

    A newbie from the UK, Trying to work my way throght all addons to find something to watch. at the moment i have Pho*nix excellent for movies and programme but look for a addons for car programmes, Fast n loud, Bitchin' rides, Overhaulin', you all get the idea.So is there an addon that does this...