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    VPN Problem Gbox MX2

    I have posted this elsewhere on the forum, however i think this is probably the best place to re-post in order to get some help. I have set up this VPN on my Matricom Gbox MX2, however although i can connect to the VPN i can not access any webpage including any movies/tv series on XBMC (Kodi)...
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    MX2 Midnight and G-Mouse 3

    Hi guys, I have taken delivery of a G Mouse 3 to operate my MX2 and despite not being able to power on and off the box it works fine and I am pleased with it. The only thing I can't work out is how do you do a 'right click' to be able to get the sub menus up etc? Any guidance will be very much...
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    Prismcube XBMC Satellite Receiver

    This may be posted in the wrong section and if it is I am sorry for doing so. Has anyone got one of these satellite boxes and if so are they any good? Also, are there any problems running XBMC on it?
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    Muzu Addon Not Working

    Hi guys, I have installed this addon through Fusion, however I can not get anything to play, not even the charts. Whatever I select there is no playback and just returns to the menu. I have got an api key, however when I authenticate it, it says that the key is invalid. I hope someone can help...
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    Hello to you all

    Hi guys, I am completely new to xbmc and I look forward to speaking to many of you in the near future for advice. If I can help anyone I will but I don't know much about this subject yet so it may take some time. It's a pleasure to be on this forum.