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    [Heads up] Design ltd. Edition XBMCHUB T-Shirts

    To all gfx-talents, the time has come to present us your skills! Now you have the chance to design a limited edition XBMCHUB.COM T-Shirt! Please reply in this thread ->
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    Pai it forward

    No; I didn't mistype this one! Some time ago I shouted out to the team, wanting to contribute to in some way. I was given the opportunity back then, resulting in me getting the honor of dressing up a number of addons with graphics from my own hand! I can not explain the rush you...
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    Happy holidays to you all!!!

    I wanted to take the time to wish you all a merry Christmas and all the best for the year to come. Thanks to all developers, moderators, helpers, graphics designers and users for keeping this community flourishing and happy. Have a hubby holiday y'all ;)
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    Can "Userdata" folder be copied when reïnstalling XBMC to remove faulty addons????

    Can "Userdata" folder be copied when reïnstalling XBMC to remove faulty addons???? I'm sure this question has been handled already, but after receiving THE email concerning a full reinstall of XBMC due to advertising in add-ons I just wondered; can I use my backed up Userdata-folder without the...
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    alpha 7 divers issues. log.

    Ouya, alpha 7, used Wizard (option OUYA) to configure. -1 channel error on startup, does play and handle well incl. Lib.integration. -Simply Movies, Xbmc song plays on every menu entry. Does not handle lib. Integration because song starts playing in stead of movie. Furthermore. Option remote...
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    Dude....i love XBMC.

    Almost don't need my regular tv anymore. Even the kids change into calm, S*rene tv-hooked muppets thanks to Youtube, just nice every now and then. Dude....i really really ♥ XBMC.
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    Small report using different versions

    Ok. So I decided to delete my sideloaded 12.2 due to library source issues, installed Wizard after configuring lib-files (that was before I was noted that I should edit the sources file, ugh). To start with: - if you get random freezes you could consider laying your OUYA on it's side, this...
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    [CONFIG REMOTE APP] Zeroconf missing?

    I'm trying to configure a Yatse remote but seem to be missing the "Zeroconf" button in Services/settings? More people with this issue or am I running a wrong version of XBMC?
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    [HD CONTENT] Which Add-on displays HD content on OUYA

    Hello y'all! Question, I'm currently on a sideloaded Frodo 12.2 and was wondering about something. I use 1Ch**nel as my number 1 add-on, mostly because of it's wild library-integration feature. Currently there seem to be some problems with Putlocker and Sharesix links, no biggy to me, but...
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    Ouya, in controll (what's best?)

    Hello g'day! I've finally received our Ouya and have been messing around the whole evening now... Got XBMC installed and 1 Channel up and running....up untill the point where i'd like to subscribe to my TV-Shows.... Yah, oops. So I went to get a USB Keyboard, which my Ouya doesn't seem to...
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    Ehm, creditcard needed to use Ouya?

    I just ordered an Ouya and am awaiting inpatiently (ofcourse). Is it true that you'll need a creditcard to use it?
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    Hi y'all!!!

    I've been lurking on this forum for a while now and with a lot of good tips I got my XBMC to work up to my high standards....thanks to you guys!!!! So thanks a lot and to all other n00bs out there; don't give up! It ís possible!