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    problem getting into adons from fusion on fire tv box

    Have you checked it in a browser? Could be your network - it works fine for me
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    If you're running Jarvis (Kodi 16), it's been removed
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    I would appreciate help getting Kodi on Fire TV box to stream from my network please

    Couple of things from experience: 1. Kodi seems to like IP adresses more than names so if it's browsed to smb://MYCOMPUTER/share it might work better if you edit the source to smb:// 2. If the PC is running windows, have you got any accounts and passwords set up?
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    Fire sticks, one works, one doesn't?

    Smart Setup on the router would be my first guess as tam23 said. Disable that and you should be fine
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    The real derbid
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    How can I get rid of the "exit full screen" notice ?

    It's an Android reminder as you are in "immersive mode" so you won't see the normal buttons at the bottom of the screen unless you swipe down. I think i only saw it once on my phone, so maybe there's an OK button or something so it knows not to tell you again?
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    Is Kodi on Fire Stick this bad?

    SMB or Samba is just a way of accessing network files. So if you have movies on a shared drive (Like a NAS drive or a PC), you can play them across the network
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    No subtitle services available on FireTV Stick

    Which subtitles service have you installed? You do it the same way as any other addon.
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    tv problem with fire tv

    Sounds like HDMI-CEC. If you don't need this, you may be able to switch it off in the TV settings
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    Request live streams and on demand

    I'm just going to keep bumping this as I'm sure the centre section of the developer/metal fan Venn diagram is bigger than the response so far indicates!
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    Fire TV 2 Announced

    It's already there for NVidia Shield, so in theory...
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    Skylyne Radio network addon maybe?

    Hi falafel Haven't seen you in ages - how's the shed?
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    Do you own a digital antenna?

    I'm in the UK where we have digital free TV over the air (there is no analogue service). I get about 140 channels or TV and radio including all BBC and ITV offerings. The box I got for free from my phone/broadband provider (TalkTalk) also gives me access to 7 SKY channels via IPTV as well as on...
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    Problems finding Amazon Tv Box

    Plenty in stock in UK - mind you we were about 3 months behind when original FTV came out
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    1080 display filter

    You might want to consider getting a Real debrid account. There are a few 1080 sources on there (actually more for TV than movie). In Genesis it will show whether its 1080 or HD before you select the source. Or you could sit further back from the screen ;)
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    Pub Shed

    Haven't heard about your awesome shed for ages falafel. How did you get on in the competition?
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    Request live streams and on demand

    Nobody up for this?
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    just updated to 15.1 via adbfire

    They never look different as the skin defines the look. It's all under the hood stuff that changes. One thing you might spot is the new skip steps feature. Start watching then skip forward. Pressing the key repeatedly increases the skip duration. I find this handy
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    Lag/Interface issues with isengard 15.0?

    Have you had a look to see if you are running low on storage space? Also, do you have an advancedsettings.xml?
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    Uninstall Heliix before installing Isengard on Firestick?

    OK. That's interesting. Definitely the same version of genesis on both? I've not had any problems that I've noticed on my Aftv or stick.