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    Save favorites xbmc cec remote?

    Try the yellow button. On my samsung its also labelled C.
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    Get it while it's free and on the App Store !!

    I get the odd connection error but usually it works and has a LOT of movies
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    raspberry pi image

    I always use 16gb. There's a guide to expanding it so you can use the remaining space after install. That extra 7gb can come in handy for a few movies if you need it
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    Which one to choose, xbmc hub wizard for raspberry pi?

    The easiest way it to download the MarkRich build (sticky). It includes Win32 DiskImager so everything you need is there. It has a few of the most popular addons to get you started too
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    Xbmc airplay audio only

    This may work in the meantime. Once you have the audio only option on your device, go to XBMC services and change the Airplay target name. Reboot your iDevice and it may show up as video now. Seems to work on my setup.
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    RPI shutting down

    Are you running it from a USB slot on your TV? If not there may be HDMI-CEC issues. There are some config steps you can take but I've not needed to do anything on mine so I can't tell you what commands you need
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    Problem trying to get WIPI adapter to connect

    I'm pretty sure I always see this message when I first connect on a new install but it works anyway!
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    Copy current openelec setup to new sd card

    I probably mis described that. On my laptop, Win32Imager doesn't recognise the device. USBit works fine though
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    Copy current openelec setup to new sd card

    For som reason Win32Diskimager doesn't recognise my SD cards so I use USBit instead. It will do the same job
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    I support the Bradford Bulls and I am male. Bullboy is our mascot and I'm not him, so bullsboy
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    Airplay for PC?

    My smart tv can play direct from the NAS through dlna already. I suppose sending 1Ch**nel streams to a tv would be useful if I didn't have an xbmc device on all my TVs
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    Airplay for PC?

    I had a play with this and while its a cool idea, I can't get the use case. Surely if a device is UPnP/dlna then it can already browse the files on XBMC? So you pull the file to the device rather than pushing it from XBMC? I'm guessing I'm missing something
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    MKV HD Audio Issues

    Have you got room on the SD Card to try running it from there? That would rule out a NAS issue
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    I want something other than OUYA!

    Both of mine run fine with TP Link dongles. One is at the opposite end of the house and the othe upstairs from the router.
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    HELP ! Where have my SMB share options gone

    This used to happen on my ATV2 try adding a network location and manually giving it the IP address and share path (e.g.
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    Try as I might, cant get Tv to work with PI via HDMI

    That's odd. I thought the gui ran at 720p without tweaking it?
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    easiest way to get started?

    Hi Mellow Yellow I'd agree about going through official sellers for the hardware. I'm about to buy another couple of Pis and I'll probably go through or RS components Remember you want a model b 512mb Pi Other than a case, everything else I have managed to find in my man drawers...
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    Just got a Pi! - wow - some questions

    Welcome to the Pi Club! 1) Possibly. The speed increase in using a USB stick is more apparent while using menus etc i believe (I'm happy with an SD card) 2) Without getting a cable with a switch built in (I think I've seen one online), then yes. I have mine plugged into a 4 way adapter which...
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    iPhone 4S XBMC help

    I can't get most addons to work on O2 3G so it's probably a network thing. I also can't get offsidestreams to work on o2 wifi but it works fine on other free wifi hotspot providers.
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    how to fix broken plugins (openelec)?

    Download 3.2.3 from Extract it and copy the files from the target folder into the update folder here \\openelec or \\ipaddressofpi (192.168.xx) Settings will remain