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    Request live streams and on demand

    TeamRock's main station is available on TuneIn and Radio addons but recently they don't pull over the artist and track info (it used to work) so Artist Slideshow doesn't work anymore :( It would be great if someone could create an addon that grabs the stream and artist info. Also, only the main...
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    New to kodi and new to the fire stick, help needed.

    Hi and welcome to the crazy world of addons for Kodi Have a look here and see what fits your needs: There's a debate about whether paid services are a good or a bad thing and I can only say that the service I pay for delivers a great...
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    I have a few questions

    Where are you seeing that message (I'm not familiar with it) - In Kodi, On the Fire TV or adbfire?
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    I have a few questions

    It's the ARM version. How are you trying to install it? adbfire is the easiest way I know Copy their folders onto a network location then use file manager to put them in the right place on the stick Once you've added the fusion source, it's in The_Silncer's repo
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    Maybe Need to DOWNLOAD to 14.2

    Not had problems installing from zip although I usually install them from SMB rather than adb. Maybe a corrupt zip file?
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    Uninstall Heliix before installing Isengard on Firestick?

    Which ones? I've been running it since alpha and I haven't had any problems. I like Isengard - skip steps is incredibly useful
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    How to transfer zip files to FireTV???

    Or just put the zip file somewhere on the network and use the Kodi file manager
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    Request How to install RUYA IPTV or Genesis for Amazon Fire TV Stick

    Hi. Glad Genesis is working. I can't really help with RUYA as it's not an addon I use and I believe it's a subscription service which I don't have an account to.
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    Request How to install RUYA IPTV or Genesis for Amazon Fire TV Stick

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    Beyond Frustrated with AFTV Stick

    It's the stick, so wireless is your only option as it has no ethernet. The USB is the only source of power as they are not powered by HDMI. I've seen this looping of progress bar once on mine but I just used a different version of ADBFire and it was fine. Jocala is the dev, he might be able to...
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    Can I sideload 4oD and ITV Player onto the Fire Stick?

    Haven't tried it but there seems to be an up to date .apk here: Good luck and don't blame me if it doesn't work ;-)
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    Can I sideload 4oD and ITV Player onto the Fire Stick?

    It's theoretically possible to install pretty much any apk but navigating the app might be a problem if it's been designed for Android tablet. You might need to use touch or mouse input which is going to be tricky on the FireTV stick. Have a go and let us know how you get on
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    kodi loading with blk screen!!! HELP!!!

    It could be that or a problem with launching it. If you go to Settings>Applications>Manage All Applications does it load from there?
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    Let's get back to positive posting

    As the thread got closed before I could respond, I sent the guy a PM as I thought somehow he misconstrued what I'd said and genuinely thought I was trolling. Here's my PM and his response in full: Putting aside the fact that he can't manage to spell "in case" or "you're" in a sentence where he...
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    Let's get back to positive posting

    Pretty sure nobody is referring to you Regisma. The guy had a 6 post count of which 2 were to insult me and another member who were trying to avoid him rolling back and then asking why it wasn't working. Apparently that's trolling these days
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    Backup and Restore

    You can do it either way. The filezilla way is probably quicker if you know what you are doing. If not, ADBFire will do a fine job but it does seem to take a while
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    Let's get back to positive posting

    Well, I've never been accused of trolling for giving advice before so hey, there's a first! Seriously though, something needs to happen or the forum is just going to turn into the nasty viper's nest that so many before have fallen foul to
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    Kodi on Surface 3. Touch not working 100%

    re-touched should be one of the skins pre-installed but if it's not it's in the main Kodi repo
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    I can't turn off the FireTV Updates in adbFire Utility

    Is your fire TV stick rooted? I'd imagine that option would only work if it is
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    Problems after Problems after Problems - Please Help Me! :(

    Fusion is back up and running now mate