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    Kodi Isengard RC

    I'm running beta 2 and it's fine so I expect RC will be. Maybe you're thinking of Apple TV?
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    Problems after Problems after Problems - Please Help Me! :(

    You've been really unlucky with timings. fusion is down at the moment so you are going to have problems. It's really annoying when that happens the first time you are trying to do something as you will naturally think you've messed it up but its not you! :-)
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    Fusion installer not installing

    Still down
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    Can you Keymap the Amazon Fire TV Stick remote for KODI?

    Or you can use adbfire to push the keymap.xml to the userdata folder This page may be useful
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    Help Fire Stick Restaring itself

    Use the proper power adapter. TV USB ports vary wildly in their output amperage.
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    does firetv stick as good as firetv itself ?

    The stick fits in my overnight bag much better though ;)
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    does firetv stick as good as firetv itself ?

    Yep. A software update a few weeks back added a captive portal app that launches automatically when you are on a network that requires web sign in. 've tried it on several networks and it worked every time
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    does firetv stick as good as firetv itself ?

    I've got both and the stick is slightly slower. That said, I use it in hotels so I'm happy to trade speed for convenience of size. Both are among the best devices I've used for Kodi though
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    Amazon Fire STICK - Is it easy to load up KODI on it?

    It runs really well on the stick. The ftv skin Hitcher has developed is a perfect accompaniment for it too!
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    Launch Kodi from Home Scren

    Deregister/reregister seems to do the trick for me. Lost the icon when I updated to Isengard but it came back after that
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    Advice on choosing a new skin

    Amazon Fire TV skin is out! Check out the thread above. It's truly magnificent
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    is the raspberry pi and pi 2 the same size

    The b+ and the pi 2 are the same but the B isn't essentially, if your Pi has 4 USB, the case will fir the new Pi2
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    Advice on choosing a new skin

    Yep. I've been watching it for a while. It looks like being the most polished skin I've ever seen
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    Any road warriors tried out the hotel wifi login yet?

    How are you navigating on Firefox with the stick?
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    Any road warriors tried out the hotel wifi login yet?

    I'll answer my own post then! ;-) I have now received my AFTV Stick and tried it out in a hotel with O2 wifi. The registration page was absolutely flawless. On screen keyboard worked fine. In use it's OK but I think that may be down to the way the wifi network is set up. After a short amount of...
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    You tube on Fire Stick

    I've had problems with the latest ADBFire. I used an older version (16 or 17 maybe) and it worked fine.
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    You tube on Fire Stick

    hi version 5.1.0 is on my fire tv stick and is working fine. The native app is also working. I think suggesting it's time to move on from a product that has been out fir a matter of weeks is a bit premature! i am running Kodi 14.2 - perhaps the youtube addon now requires kodi andbthat is why...
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    Advice on choosing a new skin

    I have switched to mimic on all my devices. Really customisable yet light enough to work on pretty much everything
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    Backup and Restore

    Good point. It takes a while. I've edited my post as that's more what I meant
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    Backup and Restore

    Kodi has a backup addon or ADBFire can do it. ADBFire will copy it back to the PC which is probably easier/more convenient in your case