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    VPN Unlimited

    I like VPN Unlimited. Got a lifetime deal but not sure what I paid...maybe $20? $40? Streams just fine at 1080, although the 4k stuff is too much for my home service to handle.
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    fire stick vs Nvidia shield?

    Nvidia Shield TV I'm looking to upgrade my Android box to a Shield but heard some complaints about installing addons to it. Is this just a random whine or is any more difficult than any other device? Can I install addons from Fusion, GitHub, and other sources? My little T95ZPlus (Amlogic...
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    Me too...

    Thanks Panda, done and done. Repositories installed, addons enabled, aTV Flash working, Na*i-X explored (wow!), now I just need to get used to the interface. Oh, and cancel my satellite TV. ;D
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    I noticed that TV Viet Nam was in one of the addon repositories. 5 or 6 channels of Khmer TV (from Cambodia) too...
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    Me too...

    Yup, I'm new here. New Apple TV (just got it today), turned on XBMC for the first time ever, now I have to figure out how to add add-ons and watch stuff. Cheers!