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    Wireless failure

    It turns out its my wireless extender that was giving me grief as I unplugged it from the wall and now my pi connecting direct to the router is a solid connection with no failures. I have a tplink archer c8 router that I recently upgraded, and I was using this dlink dap-1320 with my old dlink...
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    Wireless failure

    Thank you for the response! I am using the latest 6.0 OE so I will give my router settings a look!
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    Wireless failure

    Hi guys, need help with my annoying problem. For some reason my wireless won't stay connected and I have to manually reconnect it over and over again because my wireless keeps dropping on the Pi. I am using openelec and a tp-link usb wireless adapter. I have tested 2 different wireless adapters...
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    Need help with install, Error with mount_flash

    Alright guys I'm trying to install openelec on my raspberry pi 2 and its driving me insane. Doing a disk image install on my sd card works flawlessly but I am trying to install openelec with my sd card as System and my usb thumbdrive as Storage and it keeps giving me mount_flash error while...
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    Raspberry pi 2 recommended openelec install method

    Hi fellas, I'm looking for the most recommended install of openelec for the new pi. What I mean by this is should I install using an sd card or a usb stick. Or Should I install with a sd card as system and a usb stick as the storage device. I have my b+ set up using the system/storage usb and sd...
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    Raspberry Pi v.2 model B

    Thank you so much for this! I went through the old wiki tutorials of installing open elec to sd and using usb as storage and nothing was working! Is there a link to the most recent install for the raspberry pi 2? In other words how did you find those install instructions and cmdline text?
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    fast img Gotham 4.2.1 Openelec + update skin subs works fine now

    I am using the original skin, and also my pi is in a fan case running at about 80-90 degrees
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    fast img Gotham 4.2.1 Openelec + update skin subs works fine now

    I also have the same problem with random freezes and typically in Na*i-X as well. It seems to happen more often if I'm trying to browse through directories really fast. What is the safest way to reboot or shut off my pi if it freezes up? Pulling the plug makes me cringe lol