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    Gidday all Aussies!!

    Aussie TV addon here 50 channels There is also a 20 channel kiwi TV addon but not released yet
  2. J

    As Seen On TV AUS

    There is 50 working channels from Australia on this link here in the MX repository
  3. J

    UTVNOW Pluggin not working

    looks like the whole world has this issue too . FB and twitter comments everywhere ..
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    Request North American Live Sports Addon

    there is always the NBC Sports add-on from ( that has most things in it from everywhere ..
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    Bug No Sources Found

    where are you guys? Seems like an ISP blocking issue?
  6. J

    No Addons in my repositories .

    Are you saying is blank? You did not use a 3rd party installer to load fusion for you did you, as a blank repo is a sign of that?
  7. J

    KODI Helix aplha 5 Be careful

    I thought that was the path for all the alpha's so far though ..
  8. J

    MX BBC Player

    The MX BBC Player (no proxy needed) can be seen and installed here
  9. J

    M8 Amlogic quad core square box

    The M8 with the standard factory (not reseller) firmware runs all the current versions of XBMC/Kodi just fine, why do you want to put ubuntu on it?
  10. J

    Pub Shed

    You should talk to George Clarke about your small space ...
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    M8 Amlogic quad core square box

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with the M8 boxes with the default factory firmware, what is wrong is the users who put 3rd party firmware on them that cause all the issues you ilude to.
  12. J

    Bug NO PVR clients have started yet

    Read the disclaimer at the bottom of the PVR simple iptv client add-on screen , it is a known issue and it just happens. Normally a re-boot will make it work again, but the most stable platforms are gotham 13.0-2, helix until it reaches beta forget about it.
  13. J

    Mx iii

    have you set System > Video (select advanced settings) >Acceleration > Decoding method to software?
  14. J

    Gidday all Aussies!!

    Hi mate, I enjoyed the races at Bathurst, Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 over the weekend on Channel 7 - all good stuff
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    Yes to your ISP, but what about everywhere else? use to get a real idea of your speeds.
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    No issues here in Bangkok, Thailand it is as usual flawless ..
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    Android tv box cannot connect old tv

    Depending on the android box, did you change the android settings for A/V and also bear in mind many newer firm wares do not support A/V so check it with the shop you brought it from.
  18. J

    NBC Sports Live Extra

    use the direct link above and download it to the downloads directory on your tablet and in XBMC got to System >addons >install from zip file >path to your downloads > OK I confirm it works fine here also on my android tablets and boxes
  19. J

    NBC Sports Live Extra

    direct link
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    mine is working in stand along mod, but the FTV Guide will not call it to play the channels (weird)