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    FYI-How to solve Kodi Application crash after upgrading to Windows 10

    After upgrading my OS to Windows 10 KODI would crash after about 5 minutes....if you have this issue go to control panel and troubleshoot through program compatibility....Windows will fix kodi to work in windows 8 compatibility and everything will be just fine until all the bugs eventually work...
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    Request MX2 Owner Opinions Changing from Android to OpenELEC?

    :)I would like to know personal opinions of consumers like myself who have experienced the switch from the original android software to OpenELEC....... I am SERIOUSLY Considering flashing my MX2 due to the constant issues I tend to have with software, performance, networking and storage. The...
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    Advice for System Set-up goals

    After 4 months I am Still learning the basics as I explore what this amazing program offers and understanding the process and more.....being one of the DIY tech junkies out there I consider my knowledge above your average user and usually find myself fixing and repairing my family and friends...
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    How to Un-Mute XBMC

    All of a sudden, up on the right top corner of XBMC there is a red circle over a speaker I cannot figure out how to Un-mute XBMC, have been trying for Days now and it is only in XBMC my PC is not the culprit.........I would appreciate someone's help. Thanks Vickie :confused:
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    Hello from another CONFUSED Newbie

    Hello, Vickie Here from TX....Love the program and finally got it working.....I cannot seem to find a solution to one issue so I'll keep searching until someone gets back with LOVE LOVE LOVE ....XBMC just got to understand the lingo and process...:confused: