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    Hi from another Newbie in cold, cold Manitoba, Canada

    Welcome aboard! Good to have another 'Toban here. Means I'm not the only one freezin' my tookas off.
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    NHL on Android

    For those who are trying to watch NHL on their Android boxes I recently found this and am happy I can watch NHL games on my Ouyas. Nothing ever worked on them even if it worked on a tablet or a phone. This works great and no need to modify anything. It was designed to work with Chromecast. There...
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    Parental Controls

    I have tried Kinkins parental control add-on and it doesn't work as much as I've tried. Is there anything else I can use? My son's tablet is set up for sports with Spor**dev*l and music with MP3 Streams but he'd like to watch some TV Shows or Movies occasionally. I can't find anything suitable...
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    Hello from Manitoba, Canada

    Welcome aboard! It's going to be cold here soon. Time to get your Kodi on!
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    New Box! New OS but still Android! Looks interesting!

    I missed the Kickstarter campaign but I have reserved for when it comes available. It's called the Remix Mini. They have a tablet available running the Remix OS already but the Mini box looks very inviting. Has anyone here got in on the Kickstarter? Can't wait for my...
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    ALL Canadian TV Addons

    There is a Canadian option in Pho*nix TV under both Sports and Entertainment.
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    Newbie on the Block

    If you install FilmOn.TV add-on and go to movies, there is a listing called the Western Channel. It just plays back to back old westerns.
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    Newbie on the Block

    You can go to the Pho*nix add-on and to One242415 section and there are some Western options there. There is also a Western section in Staael2014's section. If I come across other options I will post back. Hoping you can keep your grandfather happy.
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    do u guys run ouya version of helix (tvmc) or android version

    Is there any noticeable difference running 15 as opposed to 14.2? Haven't used my Ouya too much lately but it works well with Helix. I have 15 on my phone and a nexus 7 and they run OK but are a little glitchy as opposed to 15 on Windows.
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    do u guys run ouya version of helix (tvmc) or android version

    14.2 will be the last version for the stock Ouya as 15 requires at least android 4.2, preferably 4.4 to run. Which means you need to root and upgrade the Ouya OS.
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    Windows Laptop connected to TV display issue.

    Have you done the video calibration from Settings>System>Video Output? What make and model is your TV? My Kodi video display setting needed to be 1290 x 1024 according to my TV's specs. for a PC HDMI connection.
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    Kodi 15.0 Alpha 2 Add-on Manager Issue

    I saw the answer on about it being in the Slide-out menu. I don't use confluence, I use Neon and Aeon MQ5 Isengard and the check for updates doesn't show in the slide out on either of them. Never thought of it being a skin issue. Just have to switch to confluence for now if I need to...
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    Kodi 15.0 Alpha 2 Add-on Manager Issue

    There is some stuff in the slide out. But no Check for Updates or Force Refresh. I tried a search @ but couldn't find an answer there either. 1 - Auto Updates 2 - Notifications 3 - Hide Foreign 4 - Hide Incompatible
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    Kodi 15.0 Alpha 2 Add-on Manager Issue

    I decided to try the Kodi 15.0 Alpha 2 build on one my windows 7 machines and it runs great. I have one issue that pertains to the new add-on manager. If I go to a repo and hit the context menu you can't check for updates or do a force refresh. Can someone tell me if this is not possible anymore...
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    Help from my Canadian friends please

    Yes the episodes are there but the 13th and 14th say no streams available. Not that I'm a Degrassi fan but I hate it when that happens. That being Show and episodes show up but there are no streams available. I've got a few shows I've added to Trakt and they show up in Genesis but there are no...
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    What platform do you running Kodi on primarily?

    4 Windows laptops in the house and 1 in the garage, 2 Ouyas, 2 Nexus 7's, a Galaxy S3 and S4 and a Raspberry Pi. I have more android devices hooked up but prefer Windows for the better performance. Running Gotham 13.2 right up to Isengard 15 Alpha 2 depending on what the device runs best on. I...
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    OUYA not available

    $99 on the ouya website. I believe it's the original 8GB model.
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    Release Carbon Skin

    Thanks for the update! Get healthy and take care of yourself. We'll see you when you are well again.
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    Windows Laptop connected to TV display issue.

    It worked! There is no fullscreen #2 but it still worked. Thanks again.
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    Windows Laptop connected to TV display issue.

    I will give this a try later when I'm home. I very much appreciate your help, Thank you so much.