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    Windows Laptop connected to TV display issue.

    I just hooked up a laptop running Windows 7 and Kodi 14.2 to a brand new LG TV using the HDMI ports and it all works great but for the life of me I can't get the display on the TV to show in fullscreen. Whether it's the windows interface or Kodi it shows up on the TV screen 2" smaller than the...
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    Kodi not ready for everybody at this time. Here is why.

    I wonder if just installing Helix 14.1 over Gotham 13.2 and then going to 14.2 from 14.1 has anything to do with it. I have never played a game on the Ouya and the only other things installed are ES File Manager, Dropbox, Plex and TVMC. The TVMC runs better than the Helix which crashes back to...
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    Kodi not ready for everybody at this time. Here is why.

    So when is the TVMC version going to be upgraded to Helix? Any time frame?
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    Kodi not ready for everybody at this time. Here is why.

    My Ouya runs great in between glitches using Helix 14.1. Glitches it never had with Gotham! Keeps crashing as well as a few other things. I also have TVMC installed on it which I believe is still using Gotham (correct me if I'm wrong). If they are telling us to upgrade I hope it doesn't mean...
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    Use a PC or a MAc to control an Ouya ? Might give this a try. I've used it for my nexus 7, not for XBMC though.
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    What music addons do you use?

    Binaural and MP3 Streams for me.
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    Raspberry Pi v.2 model B

    In Canada you can order through Canada.Newark or element14 $35 USD Edit: Awaiting stock sorry!
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    Mele Pcg03 Windows 8.1 Xbmc box

    I totally agree!
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    Error - Kodi Must Shut Down

    My Win7 machine running Helix 14 stable crashes constantly. It throws a commoncache error at startup and seems to crash anytime you try to update as it is not updating on it's own even though auto-update is enabled. I just installed 13.2 again and used my back-up from pre-helix until they get...
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    meegopad review- windows hdmi stick

    *****link removed******
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    CES 2015 brings some new toys

    Yes indeed! I've been keeping an eye on you, waiting for a review.
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    CES 2015 brings some new toys

    It's going to be a good year! Just a couple of the goodies coming down the pipe.
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    commoncache failed to start

    I just upgraded to Helix 14 and now I get the same message. Didn't get it prior on Gotham 13.2? Merry Christmas also!
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    Any holiday specific add ons or sections?

    "Family Christmas Specials Movies Morepower" is what I have marked in my favorites. Best collection I know of!
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    Windows 8 pc on a stick? You can have one today for just $100

    I was pretty sure this was the HTPC area of the Hardware Discussion section? I didn't realize that was banned from here. Is there a list of the banished somewhere? I was looking for feedback on a product under what I thought was the correct sub-forum, guess I was mistaken????
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    Windows 8 pc on a stick? You can have one today for just $100

    Very entertaining read! Lots of fur flying! Doesn't however give me any user feedback on how the performance is, how the support is. At $350 I wouldn't touch it but for $250 I'm curious partly due to the included sub to sportsaccess and HQ Sports. Got another day to make a decision as the sale...
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    Windows 8 pc on a stick? You can have one today for just $100

    Speaking of selling boxes, I see the Prometheus HTPC has been selling like crazy since they put it on sale for $250 as a Black Friday promo. I'd really like to hear some honest feedback on those boxes.
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    Windows 8 pc on a stick? You can have one today for just $100

    HaHa! I hear ya, but there are a lot worse things a person could be hooked on. I just think it has a lot of possibilities provided everything works ok. A screen, a couple of cables/adapters and a smartphone and you're running windows and android out of your pocket or a backpack. Great for...
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    New but Old

    Welcome, feel free to share your HTPC build with us and let us know how it works for you. Your helping nature is surely appreciated as that is what this place is all about.
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    Real beginner and probably out of my depth!!

    The fact that the servers are being worked on again is most likely the cause of your headaches. They've been down a lot lately but that's not the norm. So was XBMC/Kodi already pre-installed and if so, what version? Gotham 13.2 is the current stable release. How and what did you install? If you...