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    USTVNOW not working at all.

    Works fine for me in Canada.
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    NHL Gamecenter

    NHL Gamecenterfor Android and Ouya users! Have been enjoying NHL Gamecenter for the past couple weeks free on my SG3, Nexus 7 and better yet the Ouya. Not sure if it's cool to post a link to the apk or not but will try. Works great! Enjoy Just...
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    On the verge of ordering a OUYA - just a few questions

    Same here! spmc 12.4.1 runs great!
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    Goodbye and Thankyou umOuch

    Very well said! I couldn't agree more. Thanks umOuch! I wish you well!! Family should always be first!!!
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    For the Developers!

    FFrom the folks @ Minix: For all you MINIX developers, it's time to show the community what you can do with your MINIX device. What is the MINIX Developer Challenge? MINIX developers will win prizes worth up to US$5,000. All you have to do is build and submit an awesome U.I design for your...
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    Fusion problem with hew OUYA Console.

    I believe it's because and it's mirrors are down. I've got the same issue.
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    Minix users!

    From Minix: A few words from Koying (XBMC developer): "Some precisions regarding the Minix edition: - It is for Minix devices only. - It has been optimized for the Rockchip VPU, so you'll get better video performances than on a generic XBMC. - VC1 and VP8 accelerated. Still issue with MPEG2. -...
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    Minix users!

    Hey folks! Just an FYI that Minix has released a Beta version of XBMC for Minix. Done by Koying. It's only for Minix products apparently. I just installed it along side my existing official version for android and it plays 720 perfectly and 1080 also. So far so good. Will keep testing...
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    Downloading to USB?

    Just got my Ouya today and have the same issue. All updates are current. Tried to side load retroarch from dropbox and not even given option to download to internal storage.
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    Something strange happened to screen size????

    rossdret you rock! That did it. I don't post often but read a fair bit and this forum is great. Again thanks for your help.
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    Something strange happened to screen size????

    Hi folks, I've had XAF installed and configured with hub wizard for awhile now on Minix Neo G4 for a few months now. I love it! I have it on a couple Nexus 7's and my S3. I've had XBMC on my laptop for years now. Today I was using the Neo G4 and was watching some stuff in XAF. When the show was...
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    XBMC XAF keeps crashing

    Hi there, I've done that and so far so good. Thanks very much.
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    XBMC XAF keeps crashing

    I have a Minix NEO G4 running XBMC XAF custom build. I recently upgraded the firmware to 4.1 on the G4 and had to reinstall the XBMC. As I've been playing around I've found that if a feed or channel comes up saying it requires an external player XBMC crashes. I tried the new hub wizard beta to...