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    Filmstruck addon

    A paid site... probably not gona get much help on that one.
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    Welcome back everybody

    back eh? hmmm nice.
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    Latest Kodi install will not run

    Meep should really be a moderater here.. he knows kodi very well... and has very good answers to problems. Thanks meep... yes indeed. (click the Give Thanks under Meep's username please. Thanks.) I click thanks when ever I see a good answer to a problem. ... and I see it now.... thx meep...
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    What's the best way to learn about building add ons url gives me a: File Not Found... But I do see the api url showing up in my firebug addon. (a firefox browser addon.) So maybe the api url is obsolete now? i dunno... - If the api url data loads up in your web browser.. then i could help you out... - Same goes for any...
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    indigo error

    Install the Skin you used in kodi 16.. on 17.. and it will be almost the same.
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    filmon/filmon simple

    Filmon Simple.. still working here.... Indigo: Addon Installer: Live Tv Addons. Filmon Simple. Although the filmon stream servers are yet another story now.... Seems they have swapped to dial-up servers now. LOLOL! .. that was a joke.. meaning their servers are not keeping up the speed to...
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    Kodi 17 migration from kodi 16 {Solution}

    YUP.. it was 404 repos... ie: Dead Repos..... Also it slows down the searching for updates as well.. * To Check All Repos.. and Remove Dead Ones.... * Load the Indigo tool.. from Programs. * Indigo: Maintenence Tools: Check Repo Health. (It will pop up a msg to remove a bad repo.)
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    Awe jeez.. you made me look at that stuff. LOL! ewww! That addon hasn't been updated in a long time if I remember right... Try: Ultimate Whitecream | XXX-O-Dus | Video Devil.
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    Network speed test MUCH slower than Ookla-app test

    Ahh. One thing to consider.. is the server that your testing against. upload speed & distance between you. * The Speedtest app (or Website) test the Closest server that's nearest to your location. * The Indigo Speedtest are based on a few listed servers that are available... .. and those...
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    clearing thumbnails

    * It means you'll save 5GB of drive space after clearing your thumbnails. :D .. clearing thumbnails also comes in handy for people using devices with limited drive space.
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    Manually download confluence skin

    Yep.. at the official Kodi forum.. under the Skin Section: Confluence. There should be a download link or a repo link in the post. But try the Xonfluence skin. it looks like confluence... only it has way more / better settings. like.. add your own home menus and submenus and a whole lot...
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    buffering buffering buffering fresh install **** caching applied buffering buffering

    I noticed this a while back. It's the Video Host. yup. Some host now seem to be playing video files as a live stream.. and thus it doesn't buffer ahead. or at least on kodi anyway... * On my kodi 16.1 Context menu... when playing a video file.... *- A Live stream I see: ( forward:0 B...
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    Is it a waste of time/money to install a VPN if my ISP isnt even bothering me?

    I would not worry very much about using a vpn with that isp service, especially for only streaming. or even for downloading via http or even with kodi... so you don't need no vpn for that service. .. also.. u probably should edit out your isp now... ex: my isp is xxxx... But I would take...
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    Which VPN Services Keep You Anonymous in 2017?

    - Take a look at CyberGhost too man.. no logs... even has free versions. - Disable ipv6 though...
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    Is my VPN working?

    * Don't forget about a dns leak test too. .. Oh.. haha.. he listed a leak test too.. nice.. :-) * AND some vpns may leak if your using ipv6.... - You can disable that ipv6 crap in your router..... - Just search google of your router name.. + disable ipv6.
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    Fusion files missing? Cannot install Fusion

    If anyone has isp dns issues... I recommend Dns Jumper (search google for: dns jumper) by sordum. It's free.. no install.. no bullplop.. just unzip and run. You can change dns servers in like two clicks... well as change it back to your default.. ...without even reconnecting your...
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    Indeed... welcome to the very best. :-)
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    [RELEASE] YouNow - Watch Broadcasters Live.

    - YouNow - Watch broadcasters live from younow.... * They can be funny, They can be crazy, and some can be just plain lazy. :D - Enjoy all of their moments with YouNow. - YouNow kodi addon. - Chatting is available through your pc browser, your tablet, or your phone's younow app. - or start...
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    YouNow Addon: (WIP): Can I get any help with this? please?

    Awesome! thanks for letting me know. Yeah the install error was due to: import addon="xbmc.python" version="2.1" When it should have been import addon="xbmc.python" version="2.1.0" oops my bad. arrggg... but hey.. I'm still learning here.. haha... * Version 1.0.1 released. Link is at the...
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    YouNow Addon: (WIP): Can I get any help with this? please?

    I'm using kodi 16.1 windows. .. not sure which dependency your missing. or exactly what it needs for it. huhuh.. Try to install it again.. and then check in the logs for the dependency name is looking for. I'll try to figure out later what it all needs.. and add it to the <requires> part...