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    Orange Pi

    Just took a punt on an Orange Pi. It packs a quad core running at 1.6mhz, a fair chunk faster than the raspberry pi2. I'll let you know when it arrives and how I get on!
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    Samsung wand remote?

    Samsung wand remote? (cec/air remote) I'm currently using my samsung remote normally to control xbmc, but it has a cool pointer/wand thing it does on the tv, basically you can use the remote as a mouse. I was wondering if that was possible to implement into xbmc?
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    Another keymap question while we're on the subject :P

    This will be a nice short thread I think! I have a samsung tv which has one of the wand/remotes with it, you can basically use it as a mouse pointer, it's GENIUS! But, can I get it to work with my Pi over CEC? Anyone tried it?
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    Loosing ethernet connection.

    This has happened a few times now but I've just been trying to watch an episode of hells kitchen and it's dropped out 4 times now. Tried a different cable, different port on router. Net connection on other devices is fine. The pi is loosing connection and won't reconnect or even acknowledge a...
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    Tired of 'Working...'

    I've been using my Pi with Openelec for a fair while now, and quite frankly I'm getting pretty sick of watching that bloody working circle spinning round!!! Is there anyway I can speed things up?
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    My new website :)

    Hey guys and girls! I've been hard at work getting my photography off the ground recently. Here is my new site: Cheers :)
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    Playback problems.

    This is really driving me nuts now. I'm having seriously annoying streaming issues. My Internet isn't the issue, I can download the streams on my pc at a blinding rate. I think the issue may be the cache. I'm running Gotham now, was on frodo , same issue. Basically, I can watch between 20...
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    Advanced settings tweak.

    I want to install tuxens advanced settings, i saw it is in fusion. Where does it need to go and can I get it there in the file manager? And does it need renaming to advancedsettings.Xml Cheers :-)
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    Empty repo's?

    I just got a PM saying my repo was blank so just been downstairs checking it on my pi, it is indeed blank. Also noticed my app was still stuck on 2 versions ago! lol. Just noticed that someone elses repo is blank too. Any idea what's going on with this?
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    Anyone else noticed?

    Not specifically a development problem, but but has anyone else noticed how poorly a vast number of file hosts are streaming? I've had nothing but buffering and playback problems due to poor streams recently, so annoying :-/ Anyone else having trouble streaming anything standard def and above?
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    Incomaptible with Gotham?

    It was brought up the other day that Gotham says my Dailyflix app is not compatible with it. What do I need to be changing to make it compatible?
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    Not updating from github

    I pushed dailyflix v1.31 to github today to add a few things, and my Pi downstairs isn't updating from it. I've check all my version numbers, I ran the generator, it all seems to be in order. Any ideas what I've missed? Or is github being a pain in my ass?
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    Unreadable Captchas!!!

    Has anyone else been finding that captchas for sites like 180upload and vidbux are becoming harder and harder to read. It's so infuriating!!! I was trying to watch a film last night and it took me so long just to get through the captcha!!! It's not really a problem with urlresolver, but does...
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    New Billionuploads site...

    I noticed yesterday that the billionuploads resolver wasn't working so I checked the site and it's a new layout. I'm really struggling to get my head round this one! :D Here is a link for you to look at: I'm able to get it to the initial player, that is...
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    Login resolvers.

    So last night, me and my missus decided to sit down and watch a nice film together (Candyman 2 :P) and the VeeHD resolver on my Pi wouldn't work. To cut a long story short, I think the way I have my login details coded on my dailyflix app aren't working correctly. I had changed the code on the...
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    Clicktoview resolver (update)

    I've not included the new return self.unresolvable part that I was told about earlier on this. I was unable to find any links that were returning errors so I had nothing to work from! The resolver is working again now though and if anyone spots a dead link from clicktoview let me know and I...
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    Regex again :D

    I've got another regex puzzle!!! This one i've been struggling with for most of this afternoon and I'm drawing up a blank! Its the code for where I capture my links on dailyflix. At present it is capturing the link, and then a display name which i've taken off http://www and the blerb on the...
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    Vidto Update :)

    There was sometimes an error where spaces were being included in the final link. Nothing a little re.sub couldn't sort out :) """ This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free...
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    Vidhog Update :)

    This was a nice simple one this time. They had changed how long the timer was, unfortunately that means a 20 second countdown now though :( ''' Vidhog urlresolver plugin Copyright (C) 2013 Vinnydude This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the...
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    Lemuploads Resolver :)

    ''' Lemuploads urlresolver plugin Copyright (C) 2013 Vinnydude This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later...