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    KODI skin (Rapier 8.0.3) with moving animated background & menu setup

    I want the KODI skin (Rapier 8.0.3) with moving animated background & menu setup
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    KODI skin (Rapier 8.0.3) with moving animated background & menu setup

    KODI skin (Rapier 8.0.3) with moving animated background & menu setup, I want this on my tv box! Many thanks and I would like to know how I can get this !
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    WHat are the best addons to have on xbmc ?

    Im trying to have the best addons All BBC Channels (In 1080p HD) Sky 1 Sky Atlantic Sky Living Discovery History History Channel DIY Tv London Live Karaoke Music Disney Channel East Baby Tv Discovery Channel USA Discovery Turbo National Geographic Channel RT Documentary Crime &...
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    Transfer all files in xbmc from one box to another

    I would like to transfer all the files that I have from one box to the another by USB, such as addons etc. Is there a way to copy everything that is on a box and transfer it to another box..
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    What does Uk rooted mean?

    What does UK rooted mean ? For Jailbroken devices that XBMC is loaded up on ..
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    Building a firmware for tv box's

    I see the matricom box ,g-box midnight mx2 and I want to know whats so special about this tv box compared to others , but also I would like to know how to build firmware , just like the matricom box , but cooler and better. What don I need to learn.
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    How to build addons?

    How do you build addons.. What language is normally used and is there a guide to learn how to make addons
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    Kodi keeps freezing

    my kodi keeps freezing and not responding when I leave it on pause. I then have to turn off the whole unit. How can I fix this ?
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    How to build firmware for Android tv box's

    How do I build a completely knew firmware for android tv box's What makes up a good firmware? What do you think is needed in tv box's these days , even if the idea is out of this world...
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    How to copy addons that are on another box to another box with a external device?

    I am helping people with their tv boxes , as they would like to have the same addons that I am having , I was wondering whether or not there is a faster way , by using an external device or any other way that would allow me to transfer my addons to their addons. Instead of adding them one by...