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    Regex tut by pipcan ^------ TEMPLATE OK LETS READ A PAGE So you get used to it we will start small, so pick your page you want to read. im going to pick the kodi fourms. Once on the page...
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    Release Add-on Updater Template By PIPCAN

    ok this template will read a text file from a location witch stores a version number if the version is higher in the text file from the add-on it will display you need to update now when user clicks it it downloads the changelog.txt settings.xml and addon.xml and replaces the current...
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    Release Easy Channels Template By PIPCAN

    Just A simple addon that can be editied to load a list of your streams just edit download
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    GitHub Repo Setup for Addons

    i have been in the making of a repo script that you can install on a server and login and upload your updates its still in the works i have on the other hand made a script for my addon so that you can upload a file and the script updates the addon automatically i say the repo script should be...
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    how to join the dev team

    My project iptvmanager MY Project IPTV MANAGER features DOWNLOAD THE TEST ADDON username:lol password:lol6 UPDATES link checker added for single and al streams and ip banning VIEW CONTROL PANEL Features Control Panel...
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    how to join the dev team

    hi ive been working on a add-on that i want to share i cant say much coz dont want to get banned is there some one to contact