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    DEVS: Need Graphics?

    It seems to be awfully quite in this section of the forum. DEVS, we have formed a group of talented graphic designers looking to give your add-ons some style. Feel free to open up a thread and describe what you're looking for and we'll be glad to put some graphics together. Hope everyone had...
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    XBMC HUB Approaching 20,000 Members

    XBMC HUB is approaching 20,000 registered members! Current number of registered users: 19,840 If XBMC hub has improved your quality of life why not take a moment to show your appreciation: Thank you all...
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    File-Hosting Sites Blackmailed By Streaming Site Cloners

    Last week TorrentFreak reported how one of the Internet’s leading streaming portals has been subjected to domain takeovers and malicious clonings. It now appears that the problem is much bigger than first thought, with portal admins being blackmailed and some of the world’s most popular...
  4. P New Website Design has changed their website design! It is a nice and clean look, great job! As always we appreciate the hard work the XBMC foundation has provided us with and we are very thankful to have a platform for these amazing add-ons. Blog post by Source...
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    XBMC HUB Graphic

    What do you think of this XBMC HUB flyer design? credit: Don Draper
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    What do you watch on YouTube?

    A few months ago I had created some XBMC add-ons pulled from YouTube which were placed in the XBMC HUB repository. I am now starting to create an add-on which pulls YouTube videos within different categories (comedy, sports highlight, music etc.). So that being said, what do you watch on YouTube?
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    Join Team XBMCHUB Artists

    Join Team XBMC HUB Artists Team XBMC HUB Artist is currently recruiting creative members to join the team. Are you a graphic designer, artist or just a talented individual looking to give back to the awesome XBMC HUB community? If you would like to become part of the team please respond to...
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    XBMCHUB Graphics Showcase

    XBMC HUB Graphics Showcase Attention all artists and graphics designers! This thread is your space to showcase your work and to let the developers know what you're capable of. Firstly I would like to thank any users interested in becoming a XBMC HUB artist. This thread is your space to go wild...
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    Request Artwork for your Add-on

    If you're a XBMC HUB developer and looking for graphics this section is dedicated to you. If you have just created a new add-on or looking to re vamp your current XBMC add-on you can post a request in this thread. When seeking artwork please mention the following: Add-on name and website it...
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    Welcome to XBMCHUB Graphics

    Welcome to XBMC HUB Graphics Welcome to the XBMC HUB Graphics section of the forum. We are currently looking for artists to showcase their work. If you are a graphic designer or artist and looking to contribute to the community than this is for you. Please start by uploading some of your...
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    Custom Arcade running XBMC just posted this on their Facebook page and I found it pretty neat, check it out.
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    Ideal Raspberry Pi Setup (YOUR SUGGESTIONS)

    Looking to setup my new raspberry pi and wanted some of your input. What do you suggest I run on it [OpenElec Raspmc Xbian Rasbian]? How do you suggest I configure it? All input is welcome. Thanks to all the great people we have over here!
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    Xbmc android

    Check out for anything android related.
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    Attention addon developers: NEED GRAPHICS?

    Just wanted to let all developers know if you are releasing addons I would be willing to provide the graphics for free! Let me know via private message or you can email me anytime at: [email protected] I have done all the graphics for XBMCHUB. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you!
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    Nice to be apart of the XBMCHUB team!

    Glad to be apart of the team! Just want to thank everyone for their hard work! XBMC wouldn't be what it is today without everyone involved. I am big into jailbreaking and looking to get my feet wet with some XBMC addon development. That being said many of you might already know me and I am...