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    How do I re-authorize Real-Debrid?

    In Cov**ant it was under CONFIGURE > ACCOUNTS. In Plac*n*a - nothing, not there. Where is Real-Debrid? My Real-Debrid has disappeared.
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    RD reauthorize URL Resolver error

    Linux Mate 17.3 - Krypton 17.6 - fusion URL Resolver 4.0.15 In order for (re)authorize to highlight I have to login - (re)authorize my account give URL Resolver error. I've tried updating URL Resolver (no issues). Cannot get RD to authorize. Any ideas?
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    Search box constantly popping up

    Running KODI 15.1 (Isengard) on HP AMD8 6GB mem - Win 7 - Charter Spectrum 60mbps ethernet In all addons (i-Stream, SA*TS, Genesis, etc.) the search box constantly pops up when I haven't requested it. Very annoying. Most often when I'm trying to select the 3rd or 4th link to watch a movie or TV...
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    Is there a Video Capture or DVR feature

    It follows logic that with all the features of XBMC there should be a way to capture a TV Show or Movie to disc. I vaguely remember seeing or hearing about a DVR feature, but can't remember and can't find anything in Gotham 13.1 (Win7). Is there such a capability in XBMC Gotham? Inquiring minds...