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    Complimentary Kodi program's / tools.

    I have a few program's I use to control Kodi, I was in the process a while back of writing out a few guides on external programs I find useful ( mainly on my phone) to help me control and modify Kodi. I'm LibreElec user so obviously most bits will be unrelated to Android. It's mostly about...
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    KODI 17 FOR ANDROID 4.4 MyGica Media Centre

    Anyone heard of this ? As far as I know it is a clean fork of Kodi designed to work on older versions on Android. As far as I can tell it is a clean and safe but I am unable to test myself as I don't have a device to test it. I won't post a link, but it's pretty easy to find. Maybe a nice...
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    WebUser at it again Bad for Kodi !!

    While doing a bit of shopping this afternoon at "Sainsburys" I stumbled upon this in the magazine section. With all the bad publicity Kodi has been getting in the UK this can only add to the negativity. That guide book is actually for sale for £7.99. It basically tells you how to install Kodi...
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    Can Someone Explain

    Just wondering if any of the moderators could explain this to me..BTW Im not talking about the pop up, I'm talking about the wording. Have TVaddons now released TVMC 15.0 or are TVaddons now responsible for Kodi 15.0 ? This is extremely misleading to new members, and disrespectful to the Kodi...
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    Rpi 2 Offical Openelec realeses with updated librtmp

    Rpi 1 &a mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;a m p; 2 /Cubox-i Offical Openelec releases with updated librtmp Since the librtmp update has recently become a little more tricky for raspberry pi users. I've decided to have a go at updating the librtmp...
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    Raspberry Pi v.2 model B

    Woke up this morning and saw this thread posted at the org So ive just ordered myself one !! Should receive it tommorow sometime. Looks like this could really be a decent little Kodi device with around 6x the performance increase of the old b+...
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    ODROID C1 - could be the best pound for pound Kodi device

    Been following a post over at the org about this little beauty looks really promising. And for the same price as the raspberry pi To save me explaining here's a copy of the original post: For those interested in main discussion it can be found here:
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    Tapatalk problems with xbmchub

    Title says it all really but is anyone else having problem recently opening up some of the new posts here on tapatalk. Some posts open up fine while others just hang on loading screen. You seem to have to copy link url and open up in your browser. Just wondered if anyone else has noticed this ...
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    How to set up your VPN on raspberry pi using Brain Hornsby Openvpn for XBMC

    HOW TO SET UP YOUR VPN CLIENT This is an updated guide on how to get your VPN working on your Raspberry pi using Brian Hornsby OPENVPN for XBMC I have tested this and it works for both raspbmc and openelec (still to test on xbian) this also works on the openelec versions of xbmc on the...
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    Solid-run hummingboard interest

    Anybody thought of getting or got, one of these. I'm really interested thinking of buying one today Still fairly cheap looks like it will be a better option then a banna pi for those who are looking for a bit more power then a raspberry pi. Also it looks like it's all set to run xbmc Think...
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    The like button

    Just noticed the like button has disappeared. Did a search but found no info, not that I'm bothered but I just wondered if there is any reason for this abduction :)
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    FULL GUIDE to set up PIA on Rasp Pi using advanced addon launcher

    ************update********************** This method still works and may be of use to some people however there is now a cleaner way which uses Brain Hornsby openvpn for xbmc the guide can be found here :
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    Proxy address grabber addon

    As we are all aware of the recent problems with Isp blocking certain sites I was wondering if it would be possible to create a addon that lists free proxy ip address for example The idea would be that this could then give users a proxy address to stick in there...