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    Welcome :)
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    Trakt is great but is there website having trouble lately handling all the traffic or what?
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    I have around $100...

    Would Ouya be my best option for this price? I'd really like an minix x8 but what's your opinions? I know some people don't like Android for there to box but what is the latest greatest? Thanks all
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    RSS feed failed script

    Nope, just enabled it in settings and that when I get script failed popup
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    Pretty new XBMC but a fast learner...

    im running a night build due to windows issues and noticed the rss feeds dont work and getting script failed message. Anyone know a fix?
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    RSS feed failed script

    I am running/testing nightly due to video/pc in Windows and noticed I'm getting script failed message with rss editor. Its happening so as I click to enable rss ticker. Any ideas/fix? Would be truly appreciated.
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    Pretty new XBMC but a fast learner...

    Greetings all... Have been reading for a little while but a fast learner and just wanted to take a moment and say hi. I am also a mod over at