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  1. J

    inl3d quad core ultra4

    Inl3d was busted by the rcmp. The links on this post are not mine, i did not make these links.
  2. J

    No Config Wizard

    Why is it gone forever? Anyone can make a wizard, you mean yours is gone forever. It will come back with a new url and a new name, I have absolutely no doubt. Some day we will all know the truth about whats behind this and you can't tell me that a badly worded suit in a Texas court that has done...
  3. J

    No Config Wizard

    You better believe it's coming back and there will be a new one. There will be new addons and the old ones will be back with new names. This suit cannot be the only reason for all this. The suit was filed in Texas, is not even in the states. To top it off the suit was filed...
  4. J

    No Config Wizard

    Go fly a kite. If it wasn't for the box sellers there would be no Talk about getting rid of the programmers dealing in live tv addons or how about the illegal subscriptions to pirate channels. Instead you blame people trying to make an honest living. You sir are a moron.
  5. J

    Server issues

    Firestick runs android. With a google account you can download lots of free tv apps for android.
  6. J

    About the 3rd party addons

    There are people selling subscriptions to stolen channels. I think everyone would like to see them gone. Including me.
  7. J

    Installed by hand witout the wizard

    Installed by hand without the wizard not a single addon is working What to do?
  8. J

    No Config Wizard

    Indigo won't run at all on mine.
  9. J

    kodi 17 review

    Kodi 17 installed on brand new pulsar. Config wizard doesn't work so I had to install everything by hand. Addon installer doesnt install. Most addons don't work at all and some wont close. I have a 64 bit box, had to install 32 bit version as the 64 bit wont install. No program addons at all...
  10. J

    config wizard

    Is the config wizard compatible with kodi 17 because after i ran the wizard my kodi install stopped responding to anything and froze up solid.
  11. J


    Just wanted to send a note out to thank you for the new background image and overall design of the new wizard. Looking good and working great. Also I have been playing with a new addon called bob's repo and you may consider adding it to the wizard or maybe not. Thanks again for all the work.
  12. J

    F4M Tester no longer available

    The addon is supposed to be in shani's repo however shani has been shut down so how is one to find F4M Tester.?
  13. J

    Stores shut down selling kodi boxes

    Just to let you know ,we have stopped programming the boxes and sales have not been affected at all. The boxes are still selling and people are programming them themselves which does not at all effect my bottom line. The boxes do a lot more than just play kodi.
  14. J

    Donations from a Box Seller

    Are you for real? No i set up internet connections, and a bunch of other stuff. Im a systems engineer.
  15. J

    Donations from a Box Seller

    Like I said, i dont sell kodi and i dont sell the addons , they are free but you have to buy the box. I also don't sell internet but i go to peoples homes and set it up for them and my labour is paid. My labour is always paid , thats how I live, I install operating systems, antirvirus's, office...
  16. J

    Donations from a Box Seller

    Your all acting like children so you should be treated as such.
  17. J

    Donations from a Box Seller

    I don't sell the software, you will not find in my store a sign that says kodi and addons for sale. What i do sell is android boxes, kodi is on them direct from gbox Canada. If you have a problem with that you better take it up with the wholesalers. Now your second point, no one would ever use...
  18. J

    Donations from a Box Seller

    surely I ran it on my old xbox and ive been a member of the open source community since the very beginning.
  19. J

    Donations from a Box Seller

    My intention was to show you how assinine your argument was. Pretty sure i succeeded or maybe your too thick to understand. No one requires your or anyone else's permission to give kodi and the addons away, its already in the licensing. If you have a problem with that youll have to suck it up...