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    Request live streams and on demand

    TeamRock's main station is available on TuneIn and Radio addons but recently they don't pull over the artist and track info (it used to work) so Artist Slideshow doesn't work anymore :( It would be great if someone could create an addon that grabs the stream and artist info. Also, only the main...
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    Any road warriors tried out the hotel wifi login yet?

    I'm about to order the Fire TV stick to take on my road trips as the latest firmaware makes it possible to log into hotel wifi on a captive portal. Has anyone tried this yet? Is there an onscreen keyboard for entering details?
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    Help from my Canadian friends please

    Hi I am a big fan of Degrassi (don't judge me!) and have been for years and years. According to TVDB Season 14 is back on and eps 13 and 14 have aired but there are no sources on Genesis or SA*TS which surprises me. I also can't find them on torrent sites which makes me wonder if they have...
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    Kodi + Browser on Pi

    I'm thinking of getting another Pi but this one is to go on road trips with me. I stay in hotels where you need a browser to get onto the wifi. Does anyone know of a build where I can have a browser to get online and then run Kodi?
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    Going for my first build

    So, I'm finally going to take the plunge and build myself a system. After many months of weighing up what would be best bang for my buck, I've decided on the following: Intel NUC DN2820FYKH (I've found one with the new 2830 processor) OpenElec (I may go for Windows 8.1 if I can "find" it cheap...
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    Amazon Fire now available for pre order in UK I hadn't seen anything posted on here, so here you go!
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    No boot after Dev Update

    Yesterday I spent most of the day building a new OpenELEC setup on my Pi based on MarkRich image. I had everything working sweet until I updated to 3.2.3. Then I was getting reboots on music playback (whenever a track finished( so i installed the Dev Update tool downgraded to 3.2.2 and...
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    Is there a good Android version for Sumvision Nano?

    I noticed that the price has dropped again for the Sumvision Nano So I'm thinking of getting one. I'm still looking for a box that will run SD and 720 in Android plus the streaming addons. I...
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    Video options missing (osd)

    I don't know when this happened but at some point my video options from the osd have gone missing. I thought it was the skin I was using but it's the same in confluence. The options I mean are the ones that come up during playback to change View Mode etc (stretch 16:9, etc). All I get now is...
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    Anyone else using Amber skin?

    I have been using Sio2 and SioX2 for ages but I fancied a change so I installed Amber from the Skin Dev repo. I have to say it runs incredibly well on my Rpi. I love the customisation and the fanart views are simply beautiful. It's by the same dev as Quartz so it is designed to run on lower...
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    One device to rule them all?

    So, I've been using the ATV2 downstairs, RPi in the bedroom and my iPad/iPhone when I'm out and about. I'm now building an extension to the house and want to find the one device to have in there that meets all my needs: 1. Runs xbmc well enough for local content, 1Ch**nel and sports streams 2...
  12. B mount points not working since April 11 build

    Hi Here is my code: #!/bin/sh (sleep 30; \ mount -t cifs -o username=guest,rw // /storage/nasfolder; \ )& which works perfectly until builds after April 11th. Then I get nothing. I'm baffled by this as I can't see anything in the code that is wrong and I...
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    I thought the extra press was gone in Frodo?

    Im sure i read that you no longer need to select XBMC twice in Frodo? Mine has XBMC is starting... On the sub menu but I still have to select it to launch it
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    Network diagnostics yielded interesting results!

    So, for some reason, I decided to play one of the kids' movies from the NAS on my Pi and it seemed to time out. Thinking it must be the NAS, I moved the file to a PC and tried again. Still timing out. So I decided to borrow the wifi dongle from my PC downstairs (with no real hope of anything...
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    CPU at 95-100%

    I've had my RPi about a week now but I've been having a few problems with it taking ages to do anything and locking up. If I go to system information the CPU is running at 95-100% all the time. Is that normal or is there a problem? I'm running openelec compiled on 8th Oct.
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    Up and running!

    My RPi arrived today along with a case and SD card, so I'm up and running! I decided to buy a card with openelec on it which works well (a little slower to browse 1Ch**nel, but otherwise seems OK) So far, I'm really pleased with this. One question - Is anyone running the 1Ch**nel beta? If so...
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    Audio from 3.5mm jack and HDMI

    Ive decided to go for a Raspberry Pi for my bedroom XBMC. I just thought of something that might be useful - does the Pi output audio from the 3.5mm jack even when HDMI is connected? If so, I might run an audio cable round the room so I can plug in headphones or speakers for music/late night...
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    Harmony remote with Android

    I'm about to invest in a new TV and some kind of Pivos/Sumvision Xbmc box I really don't fancy the look of the sense remote or fly mouse solutions and also hate having remotes everywhere. Any idea if a Logitech Harmony would be able to work? I don't need anything fancy, just to be able to get...
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    Blue times Smart TV

    Ive been looking for an XBMC for the bedroom. Initially it was going to ba ATV until prices went crazy. Then I was thinking Raspberry Pi Now I'm thinking about an android solution and have found this (the first UK availlable device I've seen) Any...