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    sony android tv sets and TVMC

    Sorry I missed spelled your name my tablet has a mind of its own, I think I need to tweak the settings a bit lol. Hey look - I was just kidding you about the name. No problem, and my wife and I are enjoying the Sony 43. It is in our bedroom and we like it just fine. We both think it is the...
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    Base model pc for tvmc

    I have a Ouya that was around $100 on Ebay. It works pretty good. I also have an old 2009 mac mini that I just updated to the latest Kodi download. It works really good and I got it for a good price. Also got a new 4k Sony smart tv. Kodi is one of the apps on it and it works good enough. Several...
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    5.1 dolby digital question

    Take a look at Zotac for 1080p and have a Optical S/PDIF output for digital output.
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    Request Mini HTPC & Audio question

    You could use usb out to a dac (digital audio converter) then rca cables to your old stereo receiver. Just good "dac". There are 100s out there at a bunch of price points.
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    sony android tv sets and TVMC

    Ron scat how do you like that sony? How is the contrast ratio? Hey, that's ronscat not "ron scat". Sorry didn't notice your question earlier - I have had about 3 updates since I got the tv. It now has "kodi" listed in the apps so I went ahead and got it too (for free this time). I am 68 yrs old...
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    sony android tv sets and TVMC

    I bought one of the Sony 43" 4k smart tvs. As soon as I got it home I checked out the apps to see if XBMC/kodi was on there by typing in xbmc. "Imc media center" came up with Kodi 14.2 helix listed behind the app but I had to buy the app - $4.99. I paid google the $4.99 and immediately the 14.2...