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    Help for Regex

    Gujal repo Hi Gujal Just want to ask how can I install your repo. I had to wipe my kodi but when went to github to install your repo ,it’s not there . You have deleted your profile. Managed to install 1.8 from other sources but it keep saying could not connect. Please let me know how to...
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    Euronews live, Aragon live and Chappa'ai

    Can anyone help in this please
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    Euronews live, Aragon live and Chappa'ai

    I get the Same error but only for Aragon (some dependency files missing) don’t know which ones
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    Playlist loader broke after update

    Thanks for the update
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    How To Post Your Log File

    Thank for the help
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    Europol Operation Targets Pirate IPTV Providers, Four More Arrested

    Where do you get all the latest news from
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    It can be URL resolvers also or corrupted resolvers ( if I am not wrong)
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    You beat me by 3 days lol
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    Release Football Replays

    Not working properly, crashing
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    Indian Addon

    Why there is no Indian addons or Repos in Fusion anymore. Yes there’s is one repo but it hasn’t got anything good in it.
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    INDIGO Ver 4.0.7. "Error reading thumbnails" message

    Thanks it resolved the problem