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    XBMC 13.2 ported for Asustor AS-608T NAS - Anyone?

    Was wondering if anyone would like to try to port XBMC 13.2 beta 2 to Asustor AS-608T NAS? It runs a x86 x64 configuration as far as I can see. Here is a little info on it: It because the latest port for Asustor NAS is 12.3 which sucks with a...
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    Im back.... :)

    Hi After being away from this forum for some time I just wanted to let people know that I have returned. Have had many other things to work on so just forgot to keep myself up to date in this forum. So glad to be back and hope you have all managed without me ;)
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    [RELEASE] Stable Release of the XAF Custom Build of XBMC for Android

    It was a good build we got running and im sad it ended. Still think the idea with external player was good and when I got it working for the first time that was an extremely nice moment for me as I had worked on it for weeks and finally found the way to make it work. I would love to still have...
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    Jynxbox Android M6

    I have had one for some time as I get them from Jynxbox for testing. Also have a M1 Linux. The M6 can run firmwares from Geniatech, Pivos and Mygica. I currently test the Mygica ATV520 firmware which runs on the M6. Download firmware, install with recovery. Unplug power cable, hold down power...
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    Need more info. WHat devices are you running it on? Have you made sure that xbmc is connected in settings? If you are using pc or Android Media Player of some sort then I have noticed that you can have Android online but XBMC not. This is due to network setting in XBMC where there is a...
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    watch live tv using registered satellite account

    From reading their technical details I dont think it will work in XBMC as it is now. They list all the mobile devices you can use it on and also which operating systems and I dont see any link in that info which makes me think that it could work. It is a streaming service on the go so I sure you...
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    watch live tv using registered satellite account

    I dont know how your provider works but there are various frontends in XBMC. I use Enigma and can then watch tv from my Dreambox in XBMC and even list channel names. So try and browse in the Live TV settings to see if you can add an account which your provider supports. If you need to know ports...
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    Hi - Sorry but WTF happend to

    Im sorry for my language but what happend to The site has changed totally, I cant login to forum as my user is not know and I am a Moderator there. Anyone know what has happend as I had put a lot of hours into external player mods and I have no idea whay happend to the site...