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    Dish Network Sues ‘Zem*V’ and ‘TV Addons’ For Copyright Infringement

    Matty... NEVER bite the hand that feeds you, mate
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    Alive GR update

    which Kodi version do you use?
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    Which device do you use to run Kodi?

    1 Kodi 14.2 on an HTPC (ZBOX) running Windows 8.1 1 Kodi 15.2 on a FireTV Stick 2 Kodi 15.2 installations on Android 6 (hardware: Nexus 6 and Nexus 7) 1 installation on the wife's Fire Tablet (Main device is the ZBOX PC. I guess I am a...Koddict :p) Have also installed it on another 3 FireTV...
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    HELP: IPvanish, android & ethernet

    Did you ask their Support in IPV? If yes, did they say that their Android App is only working over WiFi?
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    how to install openelec on mx2

    Anyone knows if external keyboards (the ones with a USB receiver) work on Openelec?
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    ...and many times with DD 5.1 sound. That is almost impossible to find outside of Real Debrid.
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    Romster, did that fix your issues?
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    I had similar issues and did 2 things: 1) increased the time needed to get the links and 2) changed the "Source Selection Method" to "Directory" from "Dialog". This resolved RD issues (at least for me) More info here:*TS/wiki/Frequently-Asked-Questions
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    2nd Fire TV Stick

    not necessarily. The latest version of the 'hack' for the FireTV stick does not need Llama. Unfortunately I cannot access the site from my work PC, but google it and you will find it EDIT: I think it is the FireStarter from xda-developers. Using that app, you just use the home button on the...
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    2nd Fire TV Stick

    It is safer for you for them to have their own account on amazon. Kodi and other side-loaded apps are NOT affected by the FireTV profile. I did the same for two FireTV sticks for friends and family. Set it up under my account with KODI, ES File explorer etc and then switched to their...
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    Buffer city

    You shouldn't be frustrated - Lambda provided an explanation on page#2 and you could do some reading on this forum on buffering issues here: Buffering: Causes, Myths and Solutions. If you need better service, I strongly recommend a real debrid premium subscription. Its about $10 for 3 months