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    Looking for info

    I’m currently in the process of playing around with kodi builds don’t know if you guys support them but if so where can I find find builds here. Also which addons are currently not blacklisted.
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    Just a question on kodi

    I'm just wondering because I keep getting mixed answers from friends.What is the current status of using kodi in Canada for streaming live tv is it legal ?
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    Been away from using kodi need some questions answered

    Been away from using kodi for awhile I am currently looking to get back into it.... Is there any new addons to actually watch Canadian and U.S tv I remember dna tv and can tv What's the best addon for movies and sports Thanks in advance
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    Need help with finding a addon

    I am looking for a new addon like and DNAtv for Canadian channels any help is appreciated or maybe someone can give a referral to a good cheap iks server for tv
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    Pivos XIOS DS Media Play Question for Kodi

    I am currently running the hydra helix on my pivos ds media play is there a more up to date release for the pivos I can't seem to find anything on the pivos forum site any help is appreciated thanks in advance
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    Question on recording

    I have a pivos Xios ds media play streamer and I was just wondering if there is anyway to actually record a tv show ? can I hook up a external HDD or a usb stick to do this? I don't want to record it to my mac
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    Simple Client Question

    I am using simple client for live tv is there a way to get more then one m3u file in simple client I am just looking to add as many channels as I can and right now I am using one m3u and getting about 505 channels all the help is appreciated. Thanks in advanced
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    PIVOS XIOS DS Media Play Question for Kodi

    I have a PIVOS XIOS DS Media Play ICS currently I have hydra on it I want to update to kodi but not sure if I have to redo the whole installation again or can I update straight from my pivos
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    Kodi installation Question

    Right now I have my pivos Xios DS media play Ice cream sandwich box programmed with The Hydra Release my question is can I just update through my pivos or am I going to have to start from scratch if I have to start from scratch what file will I need.... this is my thread from the first time I...
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    Been Away from this site for awhile need a question answered

    So I haven't been on this site for awhile right now what are some good video addons I am using Ic*f*lms 1Ch**nel N*viX Canada On Demand GO Tv Cliq! F.T.V project free tvPutlocker Tv sportdevil The giddyup network TV4Me TvOnline 3.0 is there anything better out there now since I've been away...
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    How to install on the pivos ds media play!

    I just bought the pivos media player ICS os and I heard Xbmc was installed on it but its not the greatest if that true how would I get a better version on this box any help is appreciate
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    Cana somone give input on this streamer

    I am just looking around right now and found this one Minix NEO-X5MINI Rockchip RK3066 Dual-Core Cortex A9 Quad Core Mali 400 1 x HDMI is that a good streamer
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    Question for XBMC

    My sisters tv has a usb port but the tv isn't a smart tv and she wants to use xbmc on it I googled and found this or...
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    I am looking into a tablet but which one

    I am currently looking into a tablet and would like to run xbmc on it but I am also hoping to stream it from the tablet to my tv whats the best device for this
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    Looking for more add ons for XBMC

    I am in Ontario Canada and new to this XBMC loving it so far I currently have 1Ch**nel,Canada On Demand Film On Free Cable Ice Films Project Free Tv and Spo*ts De*il installed I am looking for more Canada channels and would love more US channels is there any other add ons better then these...