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    [HOW TO] Root your Amazon Fire TV

    How do i get ssh/sftp daemon installed ? I already have SU and busybox...
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    URLResolver Releases - Dev Version

    nowvideo broken ? excuse me if i'm hijacking the thread, but is nowvideo resolver broken? hosted_media : {'url': '', 'host': '', 'media_id': ''} (v 2.1.2)
  3. G Parser ?

    Anyonse has a working parser to get url out ? Sample : What i'm trying : req = urllib2.Request(vidUrl) req.add_header('User-Agent', 'Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.1; en-GB; rv:12.2) Gecko/20120605 Firefox/12.2 PaleMoon/12.2')...
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    how to submit to fusion repo ?

    Repo hosts a video addon. Posted to xbmc forums recently
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    how to submit to fusion repo ?

    Can someone plz tell me whats the process for submitting me repo to the fusion repo ?
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    resolver : Execute client side javascript

    Awesome ! Thank you..
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    resolver : Execute client side javascript

    Trying to write a parser for lobo video. Snippet is below : media_id='wbo7rwrka5kl' url= ''+media_id net = Net() link = net.http_GET(url).content soup = BeautifulSoup(link) for eachItem in soup.findAll("div", { "id":"player_code" }): print str(eachItem) and this is what...
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    can i add a video item as non playable ?

    I'm adding a video items using this : addon.add_video_item({'host': mediaHost, 'media_id': media_id},{'title': mediaHost + ' (' +media_id+')'}) Also, my play module has this code: if play: url = addon.queries.get('url', '') host = addon.queries.get('host', '') media_id =...
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    Youku resolver ?

    is there a working youku resolver present in url resolver? I don't see it here :
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    Newbie urlresolver error

    Its with add-on Like i said ( gives me the same error too. So i'm guessing its something to do with the way i copied to lib folder maybe ?
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    Newbie urlresolver error

    I did :( Here's a screenshot Update : The tomm0 test script fails with same err too..
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    Newbie urlresolver error

    Hi, I'm new to python and xvmc add-on development. Currently working on a video add-on. Added xbmcstubs and url resolver lib files to my Python on windows installations lib folder. When i import url resolver, i get the below error. Can someone please point out what i'm doing wrong? Traceback...