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    Games on nvidia sheild

    Yet another post from me about the sheild.... I'm confused about gaming on this thing. Are the games just the games you find in the play store on android phones? If so, aren't those games fairly low key with not much actual play to them? Most games I've tried on my phone are games where I...
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    Upgrading from firestick

    I have an nvidia sheild pre-ordered and it should be here Monday. I am replacing my firestick with the sheild so I have no use for the stick anymore and I'd like to give it to someone. Only problem is that I do not want my amazon account linked to it anymore but I want to keep kodi installed...
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    New nvidia sheild tv

    Alright guys. The new nvidia sheild tv will be released on the 16th and is available for pre-order. It's $199 for the 16gb version and appears to come with a remote and a game controller but I'm not sure what else is different compared to the previous version other than the voice search...
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    Should i get a fire tv or nvidia sheild

    I've been using a firestick for about a year now and although it's been good it has its moments/days when it just won't work and the memory is very low on it. I plan to get a new more powerful device soon. The nvidia is currently out of stock everywhere and is more expensive than the fire tv...
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    Hansen vs predator

    This show started last week but I can't even find what channel it comes on nor can I find it on kodi. Anyone have any ideas? It's the new version of to catch a predator with Chris hansen. Kinda strange how little information I can find being that the original was so popular.
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    What happened to the trailers for movies in Ex**us? Ithe used to be an option to watch the trailer if I pushed the info button on my fire remote (button with 3 lines) but now I have to push that and then go to information and then trailer. Then sometimes it doesn't work anyway. Any tips? I...
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    Updating to jarvis on firestick

    I have isengard currently and I just did a fresh start. I would like to go ahead and update to jarvis but I'm not sure how to. Do I just Uninstaller kodi and then sideload the newest version on like I did the first time?
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    What is this?

    Didn't want to put the name in the title in case it's not allowed. I have a guy locally who sells firestick with kodi installed for a crazy amount of money considering how it's free to do yourself..... anyway, he uses "the *****" which from my research is basically like config wizard? I've...
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    I have yet to see anything dedicated to ghost/haunting evidence. I'd be interested in something that has the best supposed real footage of ghosts. I'm on the fence when it comes to believing in ghosts buy it's always been very interesting to me. I'd like it to be a serious thing that's not...
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    Blur line

    I have seen a lot of video with a blurry line normally across the top of the screen. I'm just curious what it is and what causes it.
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    Is smartflix available as an addon? I have a netflix account bit it seems smartflix only works on Windows but I want to use it on my firestick
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    A few more newbie questions

    What does it mean when it has a number beside the video links? Always ?/100. Is 100/100 the ones I should use? What is a scraper timeout? I get it every time I choose a video but I still get a list of links. A couple times I got a message saying such and such found 0 sources in 187 tries...
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    I don't know if it has changed on the newer fire stick but I can't find the setting to enable karaoke on my new fire stick. It's working on my old one but the option just isn't there for my new one. Any tips?
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    Deleting from library

    How do I delete movies from my library? I have deleted a couple multiple times but they always reappear.
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    Fire stick typing

    I have already gotten tired of typing with my little fire stick remote. I have the voice remote in my living room (thought I'd be able to talk instead of type but I was wrong ) and a regular one in the bedroom. What do you guys use to type on the fire stick? I heard it's possible to connect a...
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    Still a newbie with questions

    Can someone just explain how this works. If I were to watch a movie does the addon (SA*TS for example) download the movie and save somewhere or does it delete as it plays? I use to be tech savvy but I guess I'm getting old. I use a fire stick.