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    Switched to Shield TV from Raspberry pi, glad I did, but overscan?!

    Holy cow what an amazing difference switching to the shield has been. Kodi runs like ice on glass now. ONLY issue Ive experienced is this overscan TV has always needed overscan adjustments in Kodi with raspberry pi, but with the ShieldTV, android only has this vertical and...
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    Watched indicators on home screen widgets, in Titan skin?

    How do you display watched indicators in the widgets on the home screen? Like shown here: Blue numbers in the corners...I am not using Kodiflix. They show watched from within the library or addon, but not on the home screen. Thanks
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    You even censor private messages?

    Censoring private messages is a little over the top with the control, dont you think? We "dont discuss that here" is fine, keeping your so-called "unapproved addons" off the public forums, if that's the way you want it, I can understand that. But you really shouldn't censor PMs. Just my .02, I...
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    YouTube Gaming launches today!

    I expect someone will start working on an addon roughly 1801 GMT? :)
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    Request and

    I would love to see addons developed to access and (or perhaps add these sites to existing addons?) Thanks! :)
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    New stream source notifications?

    Googled till Im blue and cannot find an answer... I know that the addons get their data from scraper sites like IMDB and TMDB, and you will often find what I call "placeholders" for media that is not available yet...episodes that have not yet aired, movies that have not yet released, or for...
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    Confluence skin, "Sort by" greyed out?

    I have searched until I'm blue and cannot find an answer to this... When I am browsing movies in an add on (not my local library), I cannot change the sort order, its greyed out...its defaulted to "Date" but movies certainly are not sorted by date. Raspberry Pi...running Raspbmc. Thanks!