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    Request Context menu "Search/Play using addon "Genesis/SA*TS/Velo**ty/etc"

    Oooh i didn't know Super Search was added to that addon. Awesome! Thanks for the tip! :D
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    Request Context menu "Search/Play using addon "Genesis/SA*TS/Velo**ty/etc"

    [Solved] Context menu "Search/Play using addon "Genesis/SA*TS/Velo**ty/etc" Hi! First of all: A huge Thank you! to all the amazing developers for their awesome addons. Now, I would love to see a Context Menu-addon where you are able to search for a movie in any installed addon of your choice...
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    KEYBOARD.XML - share yours

    Hi! I have added these keys to my ketboard.xml: -<FullscreenVideo> -<keyboard> <d>ShowTime</d> (shows current play time etc) <t>RunScript(script.xbmc.subtitles)</t> (opens the subtitle script menu and searches subtitles) <w>subtitledelay</w> (to adjust subtitles when they're...
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    Animated Backgrounds

    It would be awesome to be able to add animated backgrounds to XBMC. Like the ones found here: Anyone know howto?
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    XBMCHub apps - how to disable the splash screen?

    I also avoid plugins where that annoying popup is activated. FilmOn etc... :(