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    Need help with scrapping

    I'm using 15.2. Let me update to the current one first. Thanks
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    Need help with scrapping

    Hi, Can someone help me scrapping this website? Before it changed to https, I can scraped it, but now I can't. Thanks
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    please help to get the video's url

    Hi, I tried to scrape the video's url, but I couldn't find it. I found this one, but it seems not to play at all. Thanks...
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    ATV2 Black screen after installing nitoTV using nito installer

    I tried to install nitoTV using nito installer for atv2. After the reboot, I see apple logo, and then the black screen. After a few minutes, It keeps rebooting by itself. What can I do now? Please help. Thanks
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    Need help with Gkencode , part of gkplugins.

    Thanks shani_08 for your hard work.
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    [REQUESTS] Resolvers

    Hi, Does anyone have Flashx resolver? The current one seems not working. Thanks
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    Need help with scraping. Please help!!!

    I figured it out. It's a mobile version, so we need to use a different 'User Agent'. Thanks
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    Need help with scraping. Please help!!!

    I tried this to scrape this url url = '' req = urllib2.Request(url) req.add_header('User-Agent', ' Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-GB; rv: Gecko/2008092417 Firefox/3.0.3') response = urllib2.urlopen(req)...
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    Please Help!!!!

    Hi, Is it possible to get the video url from this? If yes, please guide me. Thanks alot. I get this from this site <embed name="flashplayer" src=""...
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    Please Help

    Please help me with xml code for this site rtmp:// url: rtmp:// app: channels?key=1 flashVer: WIN 11,3,300,265 pageUrl...