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    Real Debrid is no better than Box seller guys

    i have this thought for a while. why do we hate youtube guys selling loaded kodi boxes: cos they market a a product with a false advertising promising with the abilities that nothing can achieve and they are trying to profit from it and also which is a very small profit. And the buyers gets...
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    CThread::StopThread driving me nutz

    ok here is another gizmo that is driving me nuts about internals of kodi. When an addon works on doing something basically when "working circle" appears, if you press "back" kodi is trying to stop the addon. By addon i mean the thread of the main kodi app. When it cant stop the thread it...
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    Anti aliasing on control images

    Hi i am using windowxml to show a custom ui that displays a full screen image, (manga section on ump) . when i scale an image control kodi does not use antialiasing and image shows so crispy, is there any way to fix that? Looked everywhere but couldnt find a thing
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    partial range get confuses backend players both DVDplayer, PapPlayer and also Mplayer

    hi all i am working on a link provider of musicmp3 [dot] ru. They are hosting their own audios and their web server does not response nicely to range http request. what kodi does (i think thats curl's behaviour not so sure) is to play it properly first time if you ever play it and cache it...
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    GNUtella Repository Kodi Backend

    Hi Folks I have a supersonic, do-able but a very hard to implement idea. How about implementing p2p network in repository distribution of Kodi. ie: need to create a service addon serving a proxy http server. All the addons will refer to on their addons.xml. When this service...
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    [release] webspor

    Webspor provides live rtmp streams for webspor dot pw which hosts Turkish Super League Matches. Site keeps frequently changing so addon is designed to survive in harsh conditions. You can add it from my repo. Dowload Boogie's repo below Boogie's Kodi Repo
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    octoshapeclient and aceengine with wine

    this is not a very much dev question but somehow it relates. has anyone else tried to run with aceengine.exe and OctoshapeClient.exe through wine? aceengine is based on an old project tribler/p2pnext which was written in python and those russian guys ported it to cython and cross compiled it...
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    Code blocks are misaligned

    Code tags on the forums is misaligned and it makes it hard to read any code shared on forum. İf someone fixes it, it would be nice to implement a script to colorize the python codes.
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    rtmp string argument parsing with spaces

    hi folks i have an rtmp stream which requires me to pass flashVer data. when i use below code xbmc.Player().play("rtmp:// flashVer=WIN 0,0,0,xx") xbmc parses the data flashver=WIN, thinking that after space a new argument is fed. xbmc.Player().play("rtmp://
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    İs it moral to add track usage stats of your addon?

    Hi folks Lets say i want to track how many users is using my addon. Is it moral to implement a google stats callback to your addon to track usage from privacy point of view? All sites doin it so why cant we Just a thought
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    Fully scynched Repo system on github

    Hi Folks For anyone who is interested, I have made a repo system on github that each project can be created sperately on the same account with different repo. Release script can automatically creates tags where the associated zipballs can be directly downloaded from the release section of...
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    [WIP] Universal Media Provider : UMP

    This thread is moved to releases forum please check: